Garry Hill leaves Woking

It seems I’m on a revenge mission doesn’t it? Firstly I put out a gloating ‘goodbye’ message to one of least favourite teams in Dover Athletic, and now here I am doing the same to Woking boss Garry Hill.

I’m not fan of Hill after his dribbling rant at Sincil Bank a few weeks ago. On that day he believed they’d fought back from a penalty which Dayle Southwell actually missed, and he projected the persona of confused alcoholic conducting three different conversations at once.

He’s been at it again in the last couple of weeks. After Woking managed to climb away from the relegation spots he suggested that it was his doing, and that Houdini couldn’t have done what he did. I imagine that’s because Houdini was actually wearing a Kevin Nicholson mask over at Torquay, but nonetheless it was odd that Hill took all the plaudits but didn’t seem to find much time to congratulate his players. Speaking to Get Surrey he said:

“It’s been disappointing some journeys for the supporters but I think supporters can pick each other up and players can pick each other up. You have to be strong.”

By Woking’s standards it has been disappointing, and I’m not just talking about his grasp of the English language. Luckily they had their (semi-illiterate?) saviour to thank for staying with them and rescuing them when all was lost.

“It would have been very, very easy to run away. When I say that, people might think what do I mean? But when you can see a football club struggling, I’ve seen it happen. People get out the door because they don’t want a blemish on their CV. After 26 years in the game, I didn’t want my record to go but they’ve had me on that cross for nine months and the swords were ready, they wanted to cut my head off. But I’m afraid Houdini couldn’t do what I’ve done – I’ve got us out of jail.”

So basically he stayed because he wanted to protect his own record? The Woking board must have been touched by that sentiment. Or not. Today they released this statement:

“The Board of Woking Football Club is in negotiation with a new investor. We are confident that this investment will secure the long term future of the Club and are about to enter the final stages of these negotiations. As a result, the Board are not in a position to offer a new contract to the present management team.

The supporters, staff, volunteers and Board of Woking FC will never be able to repay the debt we all owe to Garry Hill and Steve Thompson for everything they have achieved since first joining us over six years ago and we thank them profusely for all they have done for us.”

Houdini didn’t need a club board to get him out of his position did he? Garry Houdini won’t be at the Cards next season, maybe they’ll attract a manager who can find some time to congratulate players who helped put together a run in April that steered them away from the bottom of the table? Maybe he should find time to thank referees who helped earn him six points in those games, awarding penalties against Barrow (2-2), Macclesfield (1-0), Chester (3-2) and York (1-1)? Perhaps a mention to Gozie Ugwu for putting three of those away, and grabbing a last minute winner against Sutton United (2-1)?

The truth is the team and manager in unison battled their way clear of relegation. Going into March they had a game in hand of their rivals, and after their outing at Sincil Bank I was convinced they’d have enough about them to survive. Hill may believe he is the great escape artist, but his side won just four of their last eleven games to secure safety, and in the end it was perhaps the bad form of others, rather than their own resilience that saw the remain a National League club.

What is next for Woking? It sounds like new investment is bringing new faces to the board, and they may want a less belligerent and aggressive man as the manager of their football club. With the players they have there already and a fresh face on the board I think they can aspire for mid-table next season which is what I imagine they would have settled for this season.

As for Garry Hill? Expect him to roll up as manager of a National League South side fairly soon, bringing his own unique take on the world of football to you via the media of incoherent rants based on nothing more than made up facts and imagined injustice. I expect nothing less from a man that spells Gary with two ‘R’s. You make my blood boil.



  1. … absolutely spot on Gary and yes what a shame he got his P45 and what a complete wazzock Mr Hill (any relation to Benny?) is. Still at least we won’t have to listen to his babbling ever again! Imps 4ever.

  2. And……..HE is Manager of the month for April, also gone to Billericay where the money is Ha Ha.

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