You’re Supposed to be Away

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been asked to help judge a competition the club are running in aid of the Future Imps Fund. It’s open until the end of May, and entries are flooding in.

There’s more details here and it already promises to be a great read. I can’t wait for fresh entries to drop into the mailbox, reading all of your stories is a great experience. After all, Lincoln City is all I know, it’s what I ‘do’ and therefore it is a pleasure to go through them all. It’s going to be really tough to call, and I hope my fellow judges Ian Plenderleith and Alan Johnson are more decisive than I am!

Please do take the time to enter, although unfortunately I can’t as I’m a judge. If I could enter I’d write about the away trip to Northwich Victoria in the FA Cup in 2009 I think. I might do the 3-2 win at Mansfield just after Alan Buckley took charge, that was a pretty special day out too. Maybe I’ll do a blog about one of them to promote the competition further, who knows?

With regards to the Future Imps Fund, a massive thank you goes to Clive Woodhead who has sent me a cheque to present to Roger this evening at the ProNinety game. Rather flatteringly he wanted to offer me something for the Stacey West blog’s work over the season, and it seemed fitting for it to go to the club. Thank you Clive, both for your support of the blog and your kind gesture.

So what are you waiting for, get your laptops fired up and let your recollections flow! I look forward to reading them.