So the secret is out…

Finally the one of the more mainstream media outlets has gotten hold of interest in one of our players and put it out there for public consumption. It’s about time too, after all unless you’re not on social media you’ve probably heard it already, numerous times.

If you do live under a rock or choose not to peruse social media, the Nottingham Post have ‘revealed’ that Notts County have spoken to winger Terry Hawkridge. It’s our old friend Leigh Curtis who has broken the news officially, and very shortly afterwards the Echo followed suit.

So now it’s out there to be discussed openly, I suppose I’ll chuck my opinions in as well. The story itself wasn’t really fresh news, only that it was finally out in the public domain. What did comes as relatively fresh was the revelation that he had been offered a new deal at City. In the absence of a retained list it is the first indication of who is or isn’t in Danny’s plans.

The story was more of a poised question that solid fact, and one has to wonder if Leigh is aware of County’s interest or just pumping out social media chatter. My money is on him having knowledge of an offer, but it does seem an odd time to break the story. It’s been well over a week since the first mutterings of interest surfaced, and I’m sure a reporter with his finger on the pulse would have known about it since then. Why now?

Maybe it’s a slow news day for County, maybe the competition for Jorge Grant has left hem needing to read something positive. Maybe a Notts County writer just wanted to put the words ‘title winner’ in a headline for once. Who knows? There was no other substance to the story, no quote from Kevin Nolan, no shady photo’s taken at a local Beefeater as they thrash out a deal. It does seem to be the case that internet rumour has finally made it to solid news story.

It’s an offer that makes some sense. Terry is a Nottingham lad and despite having a good season he has often been on the periphery of the team. Harry Anderson nudged him out in October, but he came back with vengeance to turn in some really strong performances. I’d put Terry in the second bracket of players we have, not a fifty game a season player like Luke Waterfall or Alex Woodyard, but more of a central figure than Jack Muldoon or Adam Marriott. He would be an asset in League Two next season, there’s no doubt of that.

We’re going to have to get used to this sort of speculation, whether it is through an official channel or on social media. It isn’t the first so-called story to break regarding our staff today, rumours are abound that Norwich were looking at Danny and Nicky as potential managers. That I can’t believe for a second, with the greatest of respect to the kings of Lincoln, Norwich City wouldn’t be willing to place their immediate future in the hands of two men with no Football League experience.

These rumours will persist. Firstly it is Terry to County, then Matt Rhead to Chester and before you know it another one of our players is wearing black and white as well. The fact of life is players move on, iconic teams break up and social media will bring you the news first, only it will be mixed in with so much rumour, half-truth and speculation that you’ll be hard pushed to know what is right and what is wrong. For now we’ll sit waiting for a retained list, a list we might not see this week.

I wonder if Danny will hold off until he has proper answers from some of the players, and more importantly until after the presentation evening on Friday. I wonder if he might want to give any released players the comfort of their evening celebrations without the 600 strong crowd knowing they’re on their way. As a keen man-manager it wouldn’t surprise me at all, especially if key figures from this record breaking season are moving on.