Impossible is just an opinion

The trailer for the Imps end-of-season documentary is out, and it promises to be a fantastic watch.

The short trailer gives us a glimpse of what we can expect to see when it finally gets a release. It’s going to be packed full of goals, that much is certain. Even in the trailer I lost count of the goals we saw, and the full film is bound to have them all.

There’s interviews with the players too, and from the trailer we see them talking about the whole season, and the amazing FA Cup run. This isn’t just a rehash of previously broadcast footage either, the players and manager have spoken specially for the documentary. I heard commentary from Michael Hortin too, a defining voice in a season of so many highs.

The production looks to be of really high quality. There’s some great footage of the cathedral and the ground, proving this is to be something more than just a compilation of goals. It’s a review of a remarkable season.

It’s going to offer a fascinating and invigorating reminder of a truly historic season, one that I believe will grow more significant as we move forward as a club. The dust is settling now and we’re looking forward, but this film will remind us what a wonderful and special season we have just witnessed.

Now, stop reading this and go and watch it. If you watched it first and now your reading this, go and watch it again. It only gets better.


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