Writers Wanted

I’m progressing the first issue of our new Lincoln-based football magazine, and I’m now looking for aspiring writers to join the team.

I’ve been really surprised by the quality of the entries for the Imps ‘You’re Supposed to be Away’ book, due to be judged later this month. We have a lot of writing talent around the city, and I’m delighted to be able to offer opportunities to get into print.

The magazine is specifically aimed at the Lincoln football market, so as well as the Imps we’re looking for articles on Lincoln United, Lincoln Moorlands and even the local Sunday league scene. I want the mag to be diverse and all-encompassing, covering as much of our local football scene as possible.

Do you have an idea for an article? Do you think you can write something others would like to read? If so, please get in touch. Thanks to the generosity of the crowd funder, I do have a small pot of funding with which to pay for articles, could this be your chance to have your first paid bit of work published?

I’m looking for five to eight articles in total of up to 1000 words long. They must be about football in Lincoln, and the more diverse they are the better. I’m afraid I can’t accept 2017 FA Cup stories or other common items like that. We want to offer the reader something different, something unique and interesting.

Maybe you are connected to a Sunday League team, and your ‘star’ forward has an interesting story? Maybe you want to look at the changes happening at Lincoln United, or you have a story about Lincoln City you’ve never told. Perhaps the shrinking size of our amateur leagues is a concern, and you’d like to look at the reasons so many smaller pub teams fold?

If you have an idea for an article you’d like to run past me, please contact me gary@staceywest.net. If you’d like to submit an article to me for consideration, please send it to the same address. We will be paying up to £10 per article we use, and if the magazine is a success and goes on to be a monthly that can only increase. This is not only a chance to get involved in this copy, but to join a database of writers for the future.

It’s over to you now, the diverse and vibrant writing talent we have out there has an opportunity to contribute to this project, whether it ends up as a one-off or something far more regular. Remember, you can run ideas past me gary@staceywest.net, or just submit your copy.

We’re also still looking for possible titles for the publication. So far we’re going with ‘A City United’, but if you think you can improve on that, please let us know. I’d welcome some designers advice too. This first edition is not-for-profit as it has been crowd-funded, so it may be I can pay a small amount for good help.

This is an exciting chance to be involved in a great project.

All finished articles must be with me by Saturday July 1st 2017 please.


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