Surely Raggs isn’t staying, is he?

Okay, I’ll put my hands up and admit it. I thought we’d already be looking to fill a Sean Raggett sized hole, but as the longest day of the year creeps up on us, he’s still and Imp. Furthermore, I’m led to believe that might just be the situation come the big kick off.

Danny has confirmed that at present, no offers have come in that match the release clause. Norwich seemed as if they were going to sign him, but recently they’ve picked up another centre half. We might need new faces to come in, but if Sean Raggett stays we’re pretty much sorted at centre half.

There’s a lot of pre-season to go, but as each day passes by, it looks more likely that our prized asset might just stay for another year. Even if a release clause was met, I don’t think he’d move below the Championship, so it narrows down the list of clubs he might move to. I said a move to a Championship club would be in his best interests, but League One? He would be far better staying with us for another year where he’ll be loved and managed correctly, the same reasons that Billy Knott would be best signing for us.

I can’t over state the size of the achievement if Sean Raggett stays another year. We had no right to get a player of his quality, although if it was Barrow he was heading to he made the right move. He’s a class act, still young and with lots of room to develop. If I were given a choice, have £360k now or have Raggs for a season and lose out on a fee, I’d choose the latter. I think another twelve months of Sean Raggett in a Lincoln City shirt is worth £360k on its own.

One of the cornerstones of our success last season was our central defenders. Between them they scored as many goals as a striker, and at the back they formed a defensive wall that few could penetrate. Ricky Miller didn’t score past them over two games, and he scored past everybody. Oliver Hawkins was dealt with comfortably, only Christian Doidge really got any joy, and both of his goals were from lapses elsewhere on the park. Waterfall and Raggett were the iconic central defence that Morgan, Weaver and Futcher were, or Peake and Thompson, or Cooper and Ellis.

I’m shocked that he’s still with us, I’ve run articles more or less accepting that he’s on the move, but I will be delighted if I’m wrong. I’ve spent a day in my garden doing countryside things, chain sawing wood, firing my air rifle and kicking a ball about, it didn’t feel like a day to do a blog. Now the sun has finally stopped searing into my ginger skin I feel I have to hold my hands up and confess I jumped the gun with Raggs. He’s still an Imp despite the interest in him, he’s hotter property than the midday sun today and yet we still have him.

Anyone worried about the lack of signings should take note: players like Farms, Waterfall and (hopefully) Raggs are as good as new signings, and if we go into League Two with our centre back pairing from last season, we’ll have a good chance of troubling the top ten.


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