Contract Updates

Credit Graham Burrell

It seems like forever since we last had news of someone signing, or even someone leaving. It’s been a steady post-season so far, like a game of chess Danny has been lining up his pieces, cautious not to overspend and incredibly apprehensive about revealing his hand to agents and players.

The only players I believe we haven’t signed that we coveted are Lee Angol and Jordan Williams, and so far only Terry Hawkridge has turned down a new deal to move elsewhere. That leaves three players currently in the balance, as well as a number of our loan players from last season.

Here’s an update as to the status of the players concerned, as I understand the situation to be.

Alan Power

Has today signed for Kilmarnock.

Jack Muldoon

Jack has been open in local media about his future, he has to decide whether he’s happy to continue to be a ‘bit part’ player at Lincoln City, or whether he is to chase a payday at AFC Fylde amongst others. Jack is a good honest pro, hard-working and instantly likeable, and I don’t think his decision will come down to money alone. I sense a desire in jack to play regular football, and I imagine that is at odds with him wanting to play league football again. If he stays with City, he’ll start possibly ten or twelve games a year. If he moves to Fylde he’ll be a regular starter, but not at a level he aspires too. Money and security will come secondary to a man driven by his dedication to his sport.

Adam Marriott

Adam is the one player that I haven’t heard any whispers about at all. My personal preference would be for him to stay, his brief cameo roles last season only served to whet the appetite. He has ability in abundance, but even by his own admission he doesn’t have a great amount of pace. As we invaded to pitch in the wake of the Macclesfield win I went to get a picture with him. To get his attention I shouted ‘don’t run off Adam’, and he quickly quipped back ‘Don’t worry, I’m not able to outpace anybody’ and laughed. Is that a concern of his, that the Football League might be too fast? When he did start games he often drifted early, whereas coming from the bench he didn’t look out of place amongst tired legs.

Adam Marriott flashes a header wide as Harry Anderson looks on.

Harry Anderson

Harry Anderson is a player of immense talent, of all the loan players from last season, he was the one who I think had that star quality. He is big and powerful, quick and direct but he has finesse and poise to his game as well. Peterborough fancy him as a full-back, and that is just criminal. He’s a winger of the ‘old-school’ variety, a man who terrifies defenders for a multitude of reasons.

As yet, he hasn’t signed a new deal at Peterborough, which does leave us in an interesting position. My understanding is if we wanted Anderson we could simply offer him a deal, and he could accept it. There would be a degree of compensation due to Peterborough, and perhaps some bridge building to be done too, but all is fair in love and football.

If you want an indication of the player’s feelings, look him up on twitter. His profile picture is still him in a Lincoln City shirt.

Billy Knott

Billy is clearly not a happy man down in Kent. Last night he tweeted an ironic tweet along the lines of ‘looking forward to pre-season training after being told I can leave the club’, a point he then openly discussed in a Facebook thread. He’s in a difficult position, his club have told him he can leave but as yet suitors don’t appear to be making their move. If the good old rumour mill is to be believed, we are in for Billy but there is some negotiating to do regarding wages, relocation and a whole host of other ‘real-life’ stuff. Football in League Two isn’t straightforward, you don’t just sign for who you want, there’s the real life stuff to consider. A loan move is one thing, but moving house? In your mid twenties you might be less inclined to house share with other lads, and that creates a logistical problem too.

Billy Knott signing would be a real coup, and little would make me happier than a double announcement of Knott and Anderson. In fact, that particular combination is one I wake up having dreamed about. Anderson and Arnold on the flanks, Knott at the head of the diamond backed up by Whitehouse and Woodyard patrolling in front of the back four. No matter what Steve Evans says (or doesn’t), aside from a lack of centre forwards, that is a hell of a line up.

Josh Ginnelly

So does Josh still fit in to this as well? I know some criticise the insistence we have on talking about former loan players, but Danny works with players he knows, and he knows Josh, Billy and Harry well. He’s likely to revisit those types of player to strengthen his squad, and I suspect Josh might struggle to get in the Burnley side. If there’s a chance of a loan, where do you think he’d like to go?

He described the day we won the title as ‘the best day of my life’, and weeks after he was still publishing pictures of it on Instagram. He came to the end of year awards as well, I can’t help but feel he has developed a soft spot for little old Lincoln. It wouldn’t surprise me at all for him to come back, in fact I suspect it is more likely than either of the other two coming.