The Stacey West is proud to be sponsoring…..

For the upcoming season the Stacey West will be the full kit sponsor of new striker Matt Green. It’s the first time the site has been involved in anything like this, and I’m both proud and humbled at how it has come about.

The sponsorship has been arranged and paid for by two incredibly generous overseas readers who are really keen to support the club financially. In a touching gesture they have decided that they would like the Stacey West to represent that sponsorship in the programme and at any other Lincoln-based perks that it brings.

I’m overwhelmed that the blog means enough for someone to make this gesture, and I’m also delighted to be associated with our new signing. I would imagine demand for shirt sponsorship is very high, and therefore we’re very lucky to get a player who could be the crown jewel in the side this season.

Clearly the impact of last season is having reverberations around the world, the backers are based many miles away from the UK, but they feel this is an excellent way to be able to financially support the club when buying a season ticket isn’t an option. It’s a clear indication of the momentum behind the club at the moment. For the record, our mystery backers are both lifelong Imps fans who were once able to sample the delights of Sincil Bank for themselves.

This won’t be the only presence we have in the programme either, JV has asked if I would like to pen a piece each week. I used to have a piece in the programme in 2006-07, so I’m really pleased to be able to contribute this season as well. I only spoke briefly with JV, but it sounds like we might be having a really high quality programme at the ground next season, closer to the mid-noughties than the smaller offering from the non-league years.

So, thank you again to the two backers that have enabled the Stacey  West to become home and away shirt sponsor for Matt Green. I look forward to seeing him in training, a hopefully I’ll get to grab an exclusive interview with the player we’ll be associated with all season.


  1. This is great news. Really pleased to hear about you writing in the programme. I always buy a programme to support the club, but I can’ t say there is often anything worth reading in it, so I look forward to your input.

  2. That’s great news, support for the club, support for you and great writing – winners all round! And Matt Green might invite you round for tea ?

  3. Great news! This is the first place I come for news now after years of the Echo being my default

      • Very much so. For three reasons. Firstly the articles on the Echo are mostly short on detail. Where as you give more detail and an opinion that is there to be agree with or argued with but, always well backed. Secondly you are a lot quicker with the news. The Echo lags massively. Thirdly it feels a bit like the Echo is going through the motions and no more. The blog here is striving to do something new and interesting.
        Keep up the good work!

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