Daily Quiz #13

I know I said no Sunday quiz, but my missus won’t let me do anything other than sit around after yesterdays spinal injections, so I put together another quiz for you, seeing as you seem to like them.¬†There’s a twist today though,¬†firstly, I’ve got it working so the quiz is directly below.

Secondly, you’re not naming Imps or seasons or anything like that. Today all you need to do is name the opposition. The clues are there, you might just need to think hard. If City are in their home kit, chances are the other team are in their away kit. Some of the players might be recognisable, some of the badges might be too.

This should be a Sunday drive, a leisurely stroll in the park to take the edge off the end of the weekend. Their might be one fiendish one in there, but generally you should all feel good about yourselves after today’s quiz.


Who are the opponents here?

Dany N'Guessan, but who's full back is he skinning?

Lee Frecklington wins a header, but who against?

Which team are breaking away here?

That last one was too easy. Who are we playing here?

Winning a header, against whom?

Recent match, but who against?

It's an unfamiliar Imp, but is it familiar opposition?

Ashley Grimes holds off a striker from which team in 2010/11?

Jamie Forrester lobs at goal, who are the opposition?