New site feature – Book Reviews

I’m an avid reader as well as a writer. If someone has scrawled the words ‘Lincoln City’ in their book, then I have either already read it, or am about to. I suppose it is just another way to feed my unhealthy obsession with my beloved football club.

I figured a few of you might be readers too, and once you’ve knocked your way through the Who’s who of Lincoln City 1993-2016, or A Season in Blogs, you’ll be stuck for a bit to read. You could look at the pictures in JV’s book if you wanted (sorry JV, your words not mine), or you could dip into a host of books featuring the Imps.

Which to read though? Where to start? Well, luckily for you I write as well as read, so I have decided to start reviewing all of the different books about Lincoln City. Some are autobiographies, some are a bit more historical and some are written entirely about or club. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll build up a vital list of the books you should and shouldn’t read.

In addition to this I shall be examining some of the claims in the books, whether it is of Chris Sutton complaining about something (anything knowing him), or whether it is based around the culture of the club at the time.

Yeah, basically I’ve run out of things to write with it being summer, I don’t even have any transfer rumours to feed my button happy fingers. So, without further ado, I’ll start my first review which will go online tomorrow morning!


  1. I’d appreciate it if you mentioned whether any of the books tracking the history cover the really early stuff as I’m looking to get on of them and am really interested in that side of things.

    • Your best bet for the is Past Imperfect by Brian Halford. It starts at the very beginning, ending around the year 2000.

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