New Magazine Details Finalised

I’m delighted to be writing this piece, the magazine I have been working fervently on for the past couple of months is almost ready to go into circulation.

You may recall a while ago I ran a crowd funder to allow me to put together the magazine. Finally I’m able to tell you that it will be called ‘A City United’, and will feature news and views on football across our fair city. You can expect a healthy dose of Imps stuff, but also Lincoln United and coverage of the Sunday League and anything else we see fit. If it’s football and it’s in Lincoln, we’ll write about it.

We have a small team of writers who have contributed to the first issue, and we’ll be laden with pictures from the excellent Graham Burrell as well as other local photographers. This weekend I attended the Imps v Whites friendly and obtained an exclusive interview with Rob Bradley and Peter Doyle on the future for Lincoln United.

I’m working on a distribution model as we speak, however it is easier for me to sell a physical product so there will be much work done once it hits the streets. I’m hoping to get it into a few newsagents as well as making it available on subscription and as a PDF. Much of developing and marketing a magazine is new to me, hence how long it is taking!

I’ve had some great support, Running Imp have been particularly helpful. Massive thanks go to Chris Illsey and his designer Robyn Duncan who have given me many tips and much advice. Thank you to everyone else who has already taken up advertising, offered help and generally supported the venture.

The front cover is a working design, there have been changes already so please don’t rip it too much! This project is incredibly important to me, I believe there is a market for a neutral magazine in the city that offers good coverage and opinion on the game. Since the demise of the Sports Echo there hasn’t been a printed product that covers Sunday League, Lincoln United, or any of the smaller clubs in the city.

My plan is to feature a Sunday League match in every issue, photos and a match report as well as individual stories from the teams, This is as much about the pub-team heroes as it is those who make a living from the game, and whilst Lincoln City will be comprehensively covered, I want it to develop into something for all lovers of the game.

So there is the update, the next step is finishing everything off and going to print. I’m hoping to hit the shelves in time for the start of the season, if not the week before. Once it’s out I’ll be pushing for the last week of every month, no doubt as the season progresses there will be much more to write about! Once the first issue is out I’ll be dealing with subscriptions, contacting the crowd funders who are due various rewards, and basically sorting out the finer points.

I’m happy to listen to any feedback, articles offers and more, is the email address. I still have advertising space to spare although slots are selling really quickly. If you want to be notifed when I’m taking subscriptions, please email and I’ll add you to the mailing list.

Cheers, here’s to A City United.



  1. hi gary since the demise of the sports echo there been no imformation or reports on local games so if you would like any help in covering any of the lower sunday league games plz let me know as maybe could cover some of games for you. rob

  2. Brilliant news just what alot of fans have been waiting for. Any idea what percentage going to give newsagents for selling it.Bigger companies like Asda , Morrison and even McCoy’s have to get head or area office approval but getting them to do the selling certainly eases your pressure just need to distribute round newsagents.At present got personal problems taking my time up but if you want me to help on distribution will certainly be willing FOC. Best of luck can’t wait for first edition

  3. Hi Gary, If you want me to do a piece from a stewards point of view, I would be glad to help,

    Paul Owen

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