Impossible Season Premiere Tickets on Sale Tomorrow

Whenever has a football season been so successful that it sparks a two-screen showing at a local cinema? That is the end product of our remarkable 2016/17 season.

Tickets for the one-off event go on sale tomorrow at 12pm on the imps website (handy link here) and they’re sure to be popular. I’m told that the general showing will be on screen 8, with a second screen hosting players, officials and sponsors in a unique black-tie event.

Last year this team were just another set of lads to pull on the red and white, another group of players hopefully assembled by a manager to try to keep a long-suffering fan base happy. A week on Friday those players will once again focus on the remarkable achievements of last year, not just in the league but also on that record-breaking FA Cup run.

I’ve heard some mutterings of it being another attempt by the club to extract hard-earned money from the fans, and I say ‘why not’? Make hay while the sun shines, right? There’s been plenty of seasons in the past where you couldn’t pay me to watch a documentary featuring the highlights, and some seasons where the highlights wouldn’t fill an advert break on TV. The Odeon, a national cinema chain, are basically showing a film consisting of Imps goals and people talking about Lincoln City. Once upon a time you couldn’t find ten people on the High Street willing to talk about Lincoln, now I imagine a screening of a film about them will sell out.

If you think that it is expensive or that it is just another excuse to get cash from the fans, don’t go. That’s your prerogative as a fan. I don’t see it that way, I see it as another event to celebrate a great season. I missed the open top bus tour thanks to my glass back, so for me this will by a chance to say thank you to the guys in person, hopefully whilst wearing a black tie on a red carpet.

In just a couple of weeks the new season starts, a campaign that will undoubtedly be both incredibly special and an anti-climax. Whilst we will be playing in the Football League again, it is highly doubtful we’ll make the FA Cup Quarter Final again, and I doubt we’ll be runaway league leaders for half a season. No, next season I don’t think that the Odeon will be screening our highlights DVD, whether we finish fifth, tenth or fifteenth. This will be a once in a lifetime experience, and I think £15 to watch all of those wonderful goals on a big screen is a snip.

If you want to be there to, make sure you’re clicking this link at midday tomorrow.