When in doubt, trust in Lincoln

Phew, that has been a tormenting 24 hours. Lincoln make their biggest signings in recent history, and my website creaks and crumbles. Many of you have experienced down time, speed issues and a complete unreliability from www.staceywest.net. That isn’t acceptable so I’ve made significant changes, quickly.

This may not make a lot of sense to you, but my site was hosted by a company in America. When I added the shop the other day, it began to cause issues, and a series of meddling fools on the end of an internet chat made things progressively worse. At around 3pm today I experienced the third loss of service in 24 hours, and whilst this is a free site I value you all enough to not provide a crap service.

So I did what I should have done in the first place, I contacted a company in our own wonderful city, Freethought Internet to put things right. Since around 5pm we’ve been migrating the site over to their servers, and that has meant I’ve been offline for 6 hours, something that hasn’t happened in a year and a half. Believe me I was getting itchy, this site is like my baby, imagine putting your baby in the hands of strangers and walking away.

Slowly but surely you’ll begin to get service back. I don’t understand it properly, but apparently your computers still think my site is in one place when it is in another. Don’t ask me, I’m assured by 7am tomorrow morning it should be business as usual. As you can see, I’m back posting and it’s working faster than ever.

These changes won’t mean a lot to you, but they should make the site quicker and they will allow me to bring my shop back, hopefully on Sunday. That means magazine subscriptions will go up, and a few other things over the coming weeks. I’ve got exciting plans for the shop and for the website, and I need to trust the site host. Therefore I trusted in Lincoln!

So thank you for your patience, my apologies for the loss of service. It pained me immensely, but from now on we should be faster and stronger than ever. Sounds a bit like Lincoln City really doesn’t it!?

I’ll be banging Daily Quiz #33 up shortly, but in the meantime remember yesterday’s quiz was hardly seen by anyone. You’ve still got time to get those scores in!



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  1. Good to hear that our fair city saved the day…must be fate! Keep up the fantastic work Gary, the Staceywest is the one email I ALWAYS look forward to receiving! UTI

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