The Stacey West Hands Over Future Imps Fund Cheque

As promised when my book ‘A Season in Blogs’ launched, I have donated 25% of the profits to the Future Imps fund, a total of £303.

The cheque was handed over to Director Roger Bates ahead of the game against Peterborough, but having left my camera in Lincoln I wasn’t able to get the picture up until now. Having seen me ‘smiling’ I almost wish I had gotten someone else to hand it over! I would have obtained a quote from Roger but we were chatting football, not money. Doubtless he would have said thank you, appreciated and all that stuff.

My book, still on sale here, has sold just over 200 copies and as I promised when it first came out I have made a my donation. I believe very strongly that anyone looking to  sell items or write books specifically about the club should put something back in. I would stress that if it had been pushed I’m sure the sales would be higher, but given the club released one as well I stopped pushing my own. I don’t want to take money away from the club’s official products by hawking my own around, not until theirs has sold sufficiently of course.

Last season, through the Deranged Ferret, we put well over £400 into the Crowd Funder that ultimately brought Nathan Arnold to the club. In May, thanks to blog reader Clive Woodhead, I was also able to make a donation to the Future Imps Fund, meaning the total handed over in twelve months has been around £800. I don’t claim to be a fundraiser, but I will always look to help the club out where I can. There are a lot of good people who work tirelessly (and selflessly) to put money into this club, and I am proud to be able to do my ‘bit’ towards the future, however small. Remember, thanks to two generous oversees blog readers the Stacey West is also sponsoring Matt Green’s home and away kit.

Although perhaps not the quickest with Imps news and views, I always aim to be objective, informative and honest. I want you to be entertained when you click on my links, whether it is with quizzes, stories or news from elsewhere. This coming season I plan to attend all the press conferences to bring you even more of my unique coverage of City, and I will always look to support the club in whatever way I can. If that means buying a table for one of the fund raising Sportsman’s Dinners, then I’ll do it. If it means making small donations like this when the chance arises, I’ll do it. If it means standing in the stands yelling obscenities at Steve Evans, I’ll relish it.

The Stacey West, so much more than just a blog. Hopefully.




  1. Well done Gary. I’m sure your book will continue to sell. It is a stunning read which is not just a succession of match reviews. It captures that fantastic season from so many different angles.

  2. Brilliant Gary – congrats and thank you!
    By coincidence I finished reading ‘A season in blogs’ this morning! It’s not just that I am a slow reader – it’s that I saved it for my hols. My wife started laughing at the frequency with which I found myself in tears but towards the end she has become intrigued – to the extent that she has now started reading it herself – despite a declared dislike of all things sport related!!! ‘What is this strange phononomeon that continually turns my husband of many years to jelly?’!!
    Looking forward to ‘volume 2: The season in blogs returns’ for next years hols!!!

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