Pilot Podcast Available Now

This week I have been working on a Podcast with Tom Williams, and he’s put together a pilot for you to have a listen to on YouTube. If you’re wondering why the feature photo is Mrs Poacher, well you’ll just have to have a listen.

Earlier in the year I was involved with a podcast that ultimately didn’t get past the test stage, but we still like the idea of doing something. I must stress the file we’re put out is a pilot only, and we intend to see what others think.

There will be jingles and occasionally some other audio too, but the nucleus of what we want to do is get someone different each episode to come in and chat about all things Lincoln City. We might talk recent results, funny memories or just talk about City. I’m hoping to maybe snare a player if we can as well, keeping the content fresh, different and very informal.

Tom threw some test questions together and we sat and recorded some stuff. What do you think? Would you be interest in taking part? What would you do differently?

Please direct all thoughts to tdewilliams1996@gmail.com or comment on here so we can see them. This really is a pilot episode, an embryonic form of something that we sincerely hope we can develop.


  1. Oh yes! Thoroughly enjoyed this. More please. I was at the York game when Jason Lee stood on the ball when it was easier to score. Crikey

  2. Excellent podcast! Some great memories there, very amusing especially the Conlon incident. That Rotherham game was the only City match I have left early in disgust (and I have sat through some crap in my time) and shambolic doesn’t even begin to describe our performance that day.

    Hell, I was name checked! Wasn’t expecting that! Just one point though, I work on RacingPLUS NOT Racing Post, ha! Yes, indeed from Market Rasen, where half the town supported Lincoln and the other half Grimsby, and I agree the Mariners will always be our No.1 rivals, closely followed by Scunthorpe.

    Looking forward to the next instalment!

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