Daily Quiz #54

Morning all, how are you this fine Monday? Up for some quizzing?

Read the instructions carefully today

Are we all still enjoying the quizzes? I’m keen to get your feedback either in the comments here or on social media.

Today I’m giving you three players from a squad list on the back of an Imps programme from 2000 onwards. All you have to do is tell me which squad they were members of? Easy enough? Perhaps not. Some players have had an awful lot of teams!!

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Thanks for playing, remember to share your scores on social media so I can try to spot the 10/10’s. There was no quiz yesterday, but on Saturday Patrick Heppenstall got his first 10/10. He described the moment he’d got nine as ‘tense’, but Les Hunter’s goal against Dagenham was enough to bring home top marks. Will you be next?


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  1. Hate the daily quiz as it shows how bad a guesser i am ! Still not got above 6 on any of them even the year i attended 42 league and cup games!
    Carry on Gary !

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