Join Our Free To Play Prediction League

There’s been almost 100 people sign-up so far for the Stacey West Prediction League, make sure you don’t miss out!

I’ll be offering prizes through the season for individual weeks as well as a ‘grand prize’ at the end of the season. I’m not sure what that will be yet, probably one of my books and a bag of Monster Munch or something, but it’ll be worth winning. Obviously. Not signed up yet? why are you still reading this? Did you not read the words ‘Monster Munch’ in the last sentence? Did you not read that it’s free in the title?

The link is here to take you to the sign in page, from here you can register and make your predictions. You’re already one game behind, many predicted the outcome of Lincoln United and Belper the other night. A superb 4-1 win for the Whites wasn’t guessed by anybody, but Jon Clack had 4-0, and that gets you seven points: five for the right outcome and two for getting one of the teams goals right. I had 2-0, so just five points for me.

Once you are signed up, the games you’ll be predicting are listed below. The second game of the week is tomorrow as Notts County take on Accrington. Do you think you have what it takes to top the table? Do you want to win some special prizes? Do you want to have a stab at something other than the quizzes in the vain hope you’ll be better at this?

Here’s a thing: I’m playing too. All those smug responses to your quiz scores has never been backed up by me actually putting my neck on the line, so if you want bragging rights over the Daily Quiz Monster Master, get on it now!!


So if a game is a 2-1 Lincoln win, you would score the following:

You predicted 2-1 Imps, you get: 14 pts

You predicted 3-1 Imps, hence getting the right outcome and one amount of goals right you get: 7pts

You predicted 3-2 Imps, you got the winning margin right so you get: 6pts

You predicted a 2-2 draw, you still got one team’s goals right, you get: 2pts


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