Guest Blogger: Married in the Morning

Thank you to Guest Blogger Mark Torkington, who has penned the short piece below

Tomorrow is a big big day. We take on the might of Mansfield and hopefully register another impressive performance and good result. It also happens to be my wedding day and I am here on the island of Malta for both wedding and honeymoon. I know she’s the one as she did let me buy a season ticket but then made me miss two weeks of football, such are the compromises we make.

The reason for writing this is a simple observation both here and from Zante just after last season finished. On Saturday I was in the hotel with my Impvasion t-shirt on and lo and behold I bump into a gentleman with his Lincoln shirt on. Having never met him before we spent the next 15 minutes talking all things Imps. Not sure where the wife to be went but she knows what she’s getting into. I then proceeded to watch Sky Sports Centre as the goals flew in.

Later that evening watching the Londoners cheering on Man Utd I spied in the corner a sad looking cod head in his kit. He was only a young lad and his mum looked like she could take on the entire bar so I resisted breaking into a Nathan Arnold song. But he was there proudly wearing his colours in the face of adversity. I also saw a Northampton, Plymouth, Stevenage and Macclesfield top.

It the got me thinking to when I was in Zante. We had just won the league and there were lower league shirts in abundance including a couple of Lincoln tops and a sporadic sampling of cods. Even the waiters and bar staff knew who Lincoln where. “Oooh I know them FA Cup Danny Cowley like them”.

Go back two years and you would have only really seen top top clubs having colours shown abroad. Now they are being overtaken by local pride regardless of the club or their position. After our FA Cup run and the exposure and pride of the city and the club, I believe it has ignited local pride in your club, in our club. No need to hide behind a glory hunter shirt but show your colours wherever you are.

Tomorrow I will become a married man but will be checking the scores during the reception. As I said she knows what marrying an Imp’s fan involves. So have Lincoln City saved football? I think perhaps not, but locally they have sent it in the right direction and restored pride up and down the country

Best of luck tomorrow Mark


  1. Good luck tomorrow Mark! I agree that there is definitely a shift in people turning to their local club. It just goes to show what can happen tho when you’ve got everyone pulling in the same direction. Brilliant times and we must enjoy them. I was away in June in a quiet resort in menorca and whilst having lunch a fellow imp came into the restaurant with his shirt on. I was chuffed and had to go and say hello. Again I didn’t know this chap but was great to go over and talk all things imps!!!
    All the best for you’re big day.

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