It’s never Sim-ple

I went to bed at around 11.30pm last night, shattered after an exhausting day of covering nothing in particular. When I went to bed my prophecy of Dave Tarpey joining a London club hadn’t come true, and the likelihood of us signing a player was minimal.

I awoke to several messages, at least one from a trusted club source telling me to stay up. It’s a good job I didn’t heed the message, I’d still be sat here now banging the Pro Plus and wiping my tired eyes.

However, as I understand it, the club are desperately waiting on the nod from the FA for confirmation of a transfer. I am told that transfer is ‘possibly permanent’, and it is for some Danny has targeted for a long time. Maybe even from his Braintree days, eh?

Here is the thing: If the player we’re waiting on is Simeon Akinola, as many suggest, we might have just pulled off yet another coup of sorts. I think Danny Cowley is the banana to Sim’s Bananaman, without Danny he’s looked a little lost at Barnet, perhaps unloved by a team wanting instant success. However, put him alongside Danny and Nicky and I think we’ll see a player with space to grow and learn, develop and thrive. Look at the influence they have on Alex Woodyard. One of the reasons Alex hasn’t moved on is the knowledge that Danny and Nicky get the very best out of him.

Paul Farman said it last week in the press conference. If he’d known Danny earlier in his career, he might be at a higher level now. Danny motivates players, develops them and helps them achieve their potential. He’s had years working in schools doing the same with young people, and those skills are serving him well as a manager.

If (and it is a big if) we do have got Simeon Akinola over the line, we’ve got a quick and strong player that can play on the flank or through the centre. He was devastating for Braintree whilst Danny was there, and his light has only faded after ‘PC’ (post-Cowley). The next hour and a half will be interesting.

I would like to point out, without any inside information whatsoever, that not only did I call Tarpey to a London club last night, but on Wednesday I was the first to shout Akinola on social media too. He has always been my first choice, don’t be fooled into thinking he wasn’t Danny’s.

Sadly I won’t be at the press conference this morning. I planned my entire schedule around a trip to a National Trust property today. The good lady has graciously offered to wait until 10am to depart though, so I’ll be glued to my screen too! It looks like the Deadline Day excitement isn’t quite over for us just yet.


  1. I think I am on my own on this but I wasn’t too fussed on deadline day. Partially because I hate the whole concept and everything it stands for, but also because I think we have already done some great business earlier in the season and I think we have enough to really challenge at this level. We have players like Whitehouse and Knott who are not starting, and yet we want more? I know they are different positions etc but still.

  2. I think keeping everybody happy is an art of good management.But get an injury or 2 and the odd silly (sending off) suspension and things begin to look threadbare imo.

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