Curle in hilarious ‘Ugly Sisters’ Evans jibe

It’s fair to say I’m not a big fan of Keith Curle, but he’s redeemed himself somewhat recently with a hilarious dig at my lest favourite Scot of all time, Mr Evans.

Curle drew my derision in pre-season when he spoke of not being able to compete with City in transfer stakes, but in truth he was never likely to challenge for the crown in a league featuring Mark Cooper and Steve Evans. This weekend his Carlisle side, beaten 4-1 at City a week prior, held big-spending Mansfield to a 1-1 draw. This came after taking the lead, and unsurprisingly Evans was up to his old tricks.

Talking to the News and Star, Curle refused to be drawn into an argument with Evans, but in trying to avoid controversy gave me a bloody good chuckle.

“I don’t mind Steve Evans and Paul Raynor but as soon as the game starts I focus on what’s going on on the green grass. It’s part of a pantomime. They contest everything, shout and scream, the two ugly sisters, and you can either get involved and embroiled in it and take your focus away, but that’s not me. Unless, that is, they say something that’s detrimental to me, about my staff or players, and then I’ll chase them down the tunnel.”

The two ugly sisters: now why didn’t we think of that? It seems our favourite worst enemy is pushing his luck up and down the country, and winning new foes at every step. Evans complained that ball boys were using towels to dry the ball prior to Carlisle throw-ins, leading the referee to order towels be taken off the youngsters!

“[The officials] said it wasn’t the same for both teams, as in when the ball went out of play, the ball boy wasn’t running up to the player and giving him the ball back. With our ball boys, if the player asks for the towel, they try to give him the towel. We’ve just had 95 minutes of football, do we have to go and chastise the ball boy for doing their job? It was probably just something else for Steve and Paul Raynor to get upset about. I don’t mind. I quite enjoy the pantomime.”

Another old friend of ours caused Curle some issues though. Lee Angol, now wearing the yellow of the Stags, should have been sent off in Curle’s eyes for kicking out at Mark Ellis. Curle said: “I didn’t see exactly what happened beforehand, with the challenge, but the lad’s on the ground, and then he’s kicked out. In my mind it’s a straight red. I don’t know what interpretation the referee had or what he saw exactly, but for two players to get booked was disappointing. As for getting booked now because you’ve been kicked – well, there’s a few players I played against that need some bookings.”

I’m not a fan of Keith Curle, but he’s gone some way to improving his standing with me with this most recent interview. He’s even got me busy with Photoshop too.

Here’s Evans and Raynor as another of your favourite pantomime duos, just for fun.



  1. Great a better analogy than to Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee or Dum and Dummer. Well done Keith Curle.
    Would love to see your vision of Evans and Raynor as the Krankie, Gary!

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