Derby Day Draw: Grimsby 0-0 Imps

I imagine one set of supporters are very happy this evening, having avoided a firm hammering from their county rivals. The other, Lincoln City, will perhaps be a little annoyed that their endeavour and dominance didn’t reap a three-point haul.

Clean sheets are a bonus, not least for Josh Vickers in his second league start of his City career. From my viewpoint on the Isles of Scilly it isn’t easy to offer any of the normal match analysis, despite having been able to listen to the game.

It did sound as though Nathan Arnold had a great game, and one wonders if he’d have been applauded by the Cods as Terry was last week? He’s clearly held in high esteem in codland and rightly so. Talk of his demise recently has been premature in the extreme, he is still one of our key players and dropping immediately back into the first team is a reflection of that. Danny knows Nathan is a special footballer and he has an important role to play in any top ten finish.

The preferred wing pairing is Arnold and Anderson I feel, and once again it was Harry that looked the most likely creator on the pitch. I’ve spoken glowingly of Harry on many occasions, and my Premier League supporting friend Pete has proclaimed he looks the most likely of all our squad, including Sean Raggett, to have top-flight potential. We may be goal-shy at present but once we have those two starting on the flanks regularly I think that will change.

Not from today, obviously, but “wo-oo, we’ve got Alex Woodyard” was being sung on the far flung reaches of Bryher today.

I’m also noticing a game on game improvement in Michael Bostwick. I suspect it has taken a little adjusting to life in League Two for him, but he’s becoming stronger with each outing. He poses a goal threat, especially in the air and as training on set pieces continues we’ll see him amongst the goals. It won’t be long before we see Matt Green amongst the goals either, and when we do I suspect he’ll grab a glut of them.

There may be no bragging rights as such, but gone are the days of them collecting six points from us, or even walloping us up there and shutting up shop at our place. The official match reports will say they’re happier than us, I’ll argue against that all day long. Do you know why? Because we are the better side with better players. Remember, we’re still a work in progress, we’re still a couple of players away from a full squad. They will be delighted not to have been beaten, and in the context of a full season I suspect it will be a good result for them.

Near 1900 fans were in Blunder Park with another 522 at the Bank to enjoy the game. I’d say our support never fails to amaze me, but in truth it is what we come to expect now. Lincoln City are a well supported club, the big question is how long that will remain. I feel we’ve lived in the shadow of the Cods since records began, in fairness they’ve always had more fans and always had the upper hand, bar the odd battle. Now, in 2017, it is us with bigger attendances, us with a better side and us with the bigger prospects. They showed in the 1990’s that a small team from ‘out in the sticks’ Lincolnshire can hold their own in the Championship, and now as we move towards the second decade of the 21st century, I believe it is us that can be that team.

All the talk of plastics, new fans, who’ll stay when we lose a few games etc is all irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. Our city has thrived over the last ten years or so and the club has never been in a position to capitalise on that. Now we are, attracting 522 to watch a game on a big screen is testament to the popularity we are getting in our own city. Today, we went to Blunder Park not as underdogs, but expecting a result. My understanding from this coastal cottage is that we perhaps deserved a result too. It isn’t the small battle that is important though, it is the trajectory of the two clubs. In their first season back in the league Grimsby sacked managers and suffered discord and disharmony. We have none of that, we’re continuing to push forward.

We’re in the ascendency here, and the expectations of the two fans today reflected that. This season we’ll win games, draw games and lose a couple too, but we’re on a journey and we’re moving in the right direction. Anyone can see that, even from nigh on 400 miles away.

You can see our potential from here. By the way, if you’re thinking of breaking into my house whilst I’m away, we have friends staying looking after the animals. Sorry.




  1. Always a difficult local derby for sure .Don,t think we as a club will be disappointed Garry. The Fans or some of them have still to adjust their expectations of good we are . Enjoy your hols buddy!

  2. I was one of the 522 at Sincil Bank watching on the “big” screen. I’m pretty sure there are people who have bigger tellies in their front rooms. Having said that, in row six, I was too close to the screen. Should’ve moved further back really, but couldn’t be arsed. The dot matrix screen made the picture as grainy as a 1980’s vhs tape that had been recorded over fifty times. Difficult to tell one team from the other, had to go with white stockings city v red stocking Grimsby. No commentary. Should’ve brought my earphones with me to listen to radio Lincolnshire. Now why would I need commentary, that I don’t get at a live match? Well, watching on tv I only get to see a quarter of the pitch at any one time, due to the limitations of a tv camera. For me, a 5out of 10 experience. Would rather just listen to the radio, to be honest. Nice try, LCFC, close but no cigar.

  3. Much as I hate to admit it neither team realy desrerved to win.We edged the play 55/45 but didnt create any clear cut chances and because of that I didnt think that Grimsby deserved to lose.Good team performance and dispite no goals very entertaining game.Though Dickie was terrific but thought that all the team played pretty well.Nice to keep a clean sheet too

  4. I think we will benefit from having no real derbies in October (don’t count Cambridge). We didn’t have any last season and I think that was in our favour.

  5. Only one team looked like scoring and that was us. They will be pleased with a point . Great crowd from Lincoln and never stopped singing Respect to all. Just need that extra striker to do something different in the last third.A good day and the bacon butty just outside Langworth was a joy. Onward All.

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