Imps v Cambridge: Three videos to enjoy

Three classic Imps games today, and what better way to enjoy them than to actually watch? No long, rambling prose from me, just three YouTube video’s from the excellent ‘Cabs Brother Ishy’ account on the popular video sharing site.

First up, the old Goals on Sunday programme featured this beauty from the 1975/76 season. City in their pomp, at their very best creating memories that many say haven’t been bettered in the 40 years since. Enjoy


Next, it wasn’t a great result but it’s a game that will stand out in my mind for many years. Four goals, three red cards and more controversy than you needed just a few weeks before Christmas.

Finally, a game barely worth watching. A turgid 1-1 draw shown live on Sky Sports, mainly because it featured former U’s manager John Beck returning to his old club. It didn’t go well for him and he took a skiing holiday the following week. The rest, as they say, is history.