Bubs Photo Book Coming Soon

This Christmas, I’ve teamed up with Graham Burrell to bring you an exclusive stocking-filler.

Once you’ve asked your Mum or Uncle for the Away Days book, why not ask your Dad or Brother for a 152 page, full colour photo book featuring all of the legends, heroes and villains of the past 15 years?

With over 400 hand-picked photos from 2002/03 onwards, this is a must-have for all Imps fans. Capturing the highs of our play-off finals and the lows of relegation, Bubs has selected many exclusive photographs. Before social media most of his photos simply went on a hard drive, now, many for the first time, they’re going to come together to form a superb coffee-table book.

This post isn’t trying to sell it, although it should be. No, we’re still working on the finer details and those will be released in due course. What we are doing is looking to spread the pictures as wide as possible. We feature all of the obvious stars, Butcher to Gain, Yeo to Somma and Taylor-Fletcher to McCauley, but are there any players you’d like to see feature?

Maybe there’s a special match that you’d like to see included?

We’ve currently filled 130 pages with actions shots and specially selected photographs. There’s going to be a fan section towards the back too with pictures of the crowds through the years, but we’ve left a couple of pages open for your choices.

So, get your thinking caps on and let us know which matches / players you think should be included. We’re on a tight time-frame here so this will only be open until Friday. The photos will all be selected Sunday and we’re hoping to have news on how you can buy it before this time next week.

Remember, this isn’t just me waffling on for 152 pages (although there is narrative weaving the pictures together), it is glorious full-colour photographs by a man who has spent as much time close to the action as anyone. Also, when it does go on sale, we’ll be donating a percentage of the profits to the Future Imps Fund. Keeping an eye out for more news would be well advised.

If that wasn’t enough, there will be a special offer running for the first 200 people to buy. More on that in due course, but you just know it’s going to involve more from Bubs camera, ultra special stuff that money won’t be able to buy.

Get thinking and let us know below if there a match or player you think should be included. You only have until Friday, when Bubs and I will have a look and announce which picks we’ll be including.

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