Daily Quiz #130

It’s Thursday, almost time for us to right the wrongs of the past two games and get back to winnings ways, albeit with an own goal and a Harry Anderson effort.

Today’s quiz is out of leftfield, or rather out of 1993 computer screens. I recently got access to lots and lots of old computer games, so I booted up Championship Manager ’93 and set to work finding Lincoln players from the era. I couldn’t find ACTUAL Lincoln though, they weren’t on the game!

What you’ve got is screenshots of 10 players that, at some point in their career, plied their trade at Sincil Bank. Using their position, club and other factors you have to ascertain who the player is.

Below is a typical screenshot. The name would be at the top, it’s blacked out for obvious reasons. On the left hand side you can see his age is 1993 – 30 years old. His position is there too Def / Mid C which is central midfield or defence. You can see his club in the early 90’s too, Birmingham. I’ve dropped the odd hint in the question just to help you along as well. Aside from giving you the answer on an email, there’s not much more I can do.


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Do make sure you play along today, it took me bloody ages to put together. It was one of those where three quarters of the way through I’d got bored but had to finish it otherwise I’d have wasted too much time!