November Stats Analysis

Here’s your look at November’s statistics, courtesy of Tom Williams.

November Stats Update

Welcome to this month’s roundup of our stats from the season so far. We’ve scored some goals since the last update! 10 in November’s 6 games is double the total from the previous 6, unfortunately we’ve also shipped more (7 compared to last month’s 3) but it’s hardly a major issue.

As per usual, we start with the basics. The battering we were handed by a Jodi Jones (who I doubt has received many flowers from LN postcodes following his injury) inspired Coventry City has put the Imps behind in terms of shots taken. Nevertheless, Lincoln City are still ahead in terms of Shots on Target and, crucially, Goals.

This more efficient shooting than our opponents is demonstrated by our superiority in terms of the ratio of our shots that test the ‘keeper and hit the net. Our record, when it comes to making shots count, of 13% is pretty respectable, not far behind Kane’s 16% (in 2017/18 for Tottenham in the Premier League and Champions League) or Manchester City’s 18% (in 2017/18 Premier League and Champions League). This supports the idea that our attacking issues are due to not shooting enough; either through failing to get it into shooting positions, or being unwilling to take the shots on. This is something I felt we did far better against Port Vale, with attacks looking more purposeful and more often leading to a meaningful cross, through-ball, run or shot than the hopeful diagonal or uncomfortable sideways passing we’ve sometimes seen. A large part in our attack improving could be Harry Anderson, who is currently averaging a goal or assist every 162 minutes – scary form for our opponents.

Matt Green had a very good game against Port Vale but did pick up another booking and was a tad fortunate not to see red for two bad decisions for the second time this season after delaying their ‘keeper’s attempts to distribute quickly. The bookings are starting to add up and the prospect of losing some of our key men, even it is for just one game each, is a worrying prospect; we’ve seen the difference a player’s absence can make with Anderson and Bostwick recently. The Canaries might not be keen on Raggett’s record of a yellow card every 3 appearances, nor his new-found propensity for risky dribbling or passing.

In terms of minutes, there’s nothing too surprising at the moment. It’ll be interesting to keep track of last season’s heroes, Rhead, Waterfall, and Habergham who have impressively returned as of late. I’m sure many will hope they can keep showing why that they deserve to be part of a competitive League Two squad on merit.

One area where we haven’t quite been as effective as last campaign is our set pieces. They were a constant threat last season but our less potent corners are reflected by us having only bagged 6 headers in our 25 outings thus far. However, if the Anderson-Green partnership shown in our first goal against Port Vale can continue and Habergham continues to return to form, this figure could soon pick up.

Rhead’s presence also makes us more solid defensively, the stats indicate. Anderson’s spot near the bottom of this ranking is a slight concern, however it may be largely due to him missing the recent spell that didn’t see many goals at either end. It is probably also not helped by our continuing search for our most effective full-back selection, hopefully as our most exciting player he can climb this list and not turn out to be something of a risk. Speaking of full-backs, it’s interesting to see Sean Long lagging behind Eardley and Habergham on this list – perhaps a contributing factor to Habergham’s return. Long is, however, ahead of both his rivals for a spot in terms of how often we score with him on the pitch and has contributed 4 assists already. Perhaps he will emerge as the option for games where we adopt a more attacking mentality?