Daily Quiz #136

Recently you’ve been getting quizzes with little connection to Lincoln. What’s the general feeling with that? Do you like the Lincoln stuff more, or is a few days general football a nice change?

I’m happy to tailor these to what you want, if it is within reason. I only do them for enjoyment and I’ll keep doing the ones you enjoy. Eventually though, I am going to run out of Pro Set cards. at which point it’ll be Panini stickers.

Anyway, here’s some more of the same. Pro Set cards from the early 1990’s. all you have to do is identify the team. Good luck.

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Remember to share those scores too. There’s been too many 10/10’s recently, I’m not banking on seeing many today.


  1. Back from 9s to a 5 today!
    Love my daily quiz and love a general mix of questions especially after resting for 5 seasons im guessing all Holdsworths players!?

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