Daily Quiz #147

I’ve found another quiz type to test you with, the ‘how many can you name in’ type quizzes. You’ll be given a timer and all you have to do is name as many correct answers as possible.

I’m not sure how popular these quizzes will be, we’ll see I guess!

To get this to work, click on play and type your answer in the box it reveals. You can type just surnames but the spelling has to be right.

Today, how many player can you name from 2010/11, the season we were relegated? Chris Sutton and Steve Tilson both spent time in charge as well as a short cameo for Grant Brown as caretaker. My stats provider says we used 33 players in league competition, how many can you name?


  1. I think I have tried to blank these out…..only got 11 but spelt 3 wrong. LOVE the common cryptic clue……

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