Imps Players and Staff in Hospital Visit

Fear not, this isn’t a story about injury or anything like that. Yesterday the Imps attended Lincoln hospital for their yearly trip to dole out presents and goodwill to the children’s ward.

No doubt you’ve already read it by now and I’ve nothing new to add to the stories, but it deserves to be told and retold. Players and staff going up to the hospital is not a new phenomenon, it’s been happening for years and it will continue to do so. However, every year they put a smile on the faces of sick children and whether it happens yearly or daily, it deserves coverage.

The two wards are now called Rainforest and Safari at Lincoln County Hospital and that is where DC and the boys rocked up yesterday to give the children gifts ahead of Christmas. The Imps squad raised £300 to put money towards a variety of gifts for the children which ranged from Lincoln City Calendars to footballs and other items to spread the Christmas joy.

“It was a nice afternoon for us, and it was great of Lincoln County Hospital to invite us here. It’s really important for us as individuals to do this, and as a group.” Danny Cowley said. “It’s nice for us to be here and share the moments with the kids. It’s never nice to be ill, but even more so around the Christmas period, so it’s great to be here and put smiles on their faces.”

The Imps also wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the members of staff at the Hospital, as well as visiting the children.

“They do such a fantastic job, don’t they? We should all be very proud of our nurses and for us if we can put a smile on their faces then we’re obviously really pleased to do so.” He added.

Pictures on social media also highlighted the presence of Supporter Liason Officers too, a new addition to the Imps match day line up but clearly one which is beginning to play an integral part in shaping the public persona of the club.

Like I said, this has been happening for years (although not in 1989 when I was on Ruston Ward with a burst appendix) and I’m sure it will do so for many years to come. However, stories of footballers, managers and staff heading up to help brighten the Christmas of sick children should always be told. Well done to the lads and hopefully they’ve managed to achieve what they set out to do which is make some children happy.

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  1. I am inclined to be cynical and say it just makes a nice PR story and where are they throughout the rest of the year. However I know that they pop in throughout the year unlike many other football clubs, and businesses for that matter, and that is something that really endeared me to people like the Cowleys and Nathan Arnold.

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