Imperfect Focus in the post

A message to everyone who has ordered Imperfect Focus – they have been posted out today.

The 148 page book by myself and Graham Burrell charts the Imps recent history through his pictures and my words. After having trouble with three different printers we finally found a good one, Systematic from Caistor. We’ve printed 200 initially and the first batch are extremely limited.

It is available on Amazon but these first copies have an extra couple of pages featuring the Keith Alexander Benefit match as well as coming with a special print too. While stocks last we still have prints by Graham Burrell of the current squad, when they’ve gone we have something else we can send out. However, when they’re gone, they’re gone. We have around 50 left for sale on and we have to move them before Christmas. Is it on your list? If not, why not?

Those who have requested collection will receive an email tomorrow with times and places where I shall be available. In the mean time, if you don’t have it already, why not place an order? Now it is actually in my house I feel far more comfortable promoting it, especially as the quality is superb. The pictures are bright and crisp, bringing together fifteen years of history perfectly. Bubs is a great photographer and many of his photos have never been seen by the public, until now!


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