Daily Quiz #151

It’s a Sunday and usually there’s no quiz, but this morning I’m out and about at matches as I am this afternoon. I need to keep you entertained whilst I’m out in the cold, do I not?

This is one for the oldies, one for the fan of a certain age. How many of our opponents from the 1975/76 season can you remember? We won the league, but can you remember second to 24th?

I’ve dropped ‘United’ and ‘Rovers’ and ‘County’ from the titles, if (and I’m not saying they were) Stockport were one of our opponents you’d type Stockport, not Stockport County.

As always, click on play and a box is revealed in its place. Type your answers in the box and they will appear underneath.

Also, can I get some feedback on social media? How are we liking these quizzes? Shall I mix them with others, stickers and questions with multiple choice? What do you prefer? If you feel safer, email me at gary@staceywest.net and let me know.



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