League Two Round Up 19/12

Here’s some of the other news coming out of clubs across our division today.

  • Norwich City are reportedly ready to offer up to seven figures for the most unlikely of players: Jon Nolan. Now, this may not seem like League Two news to you, but Chesterfield are watching with intent. When Nolan left them to move to his current club, Shrewsbury, they inserted a 15% sell-on fee. They could be in for a £100,000k plus windfall if he moves. It all seems a long while ago now that Bohan Dixon was keeping him out of the Lincoln side, doesn’t it? Maybe if he moves on for a million he might finally crack that smile he’s been threatening.

  • Here’s some genuinely shocking news from the ‘family club’ Forest Green. You remember Aaron Racine, right? Decent player, made a scapegoat for our 3-2 win there a year ago? Well, he had a two-year deal in place but Cooperman got rid after we’d swung the league title our way. That game was his final appearance for the Nailsworth club and he was initially loaned to York City before another switch to Torquay where disaster struck. He ruptured his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments just 24 minutes into his debut. Facing 15 months on the side lines, Racine (pictured top) then had to foot the bill for his own surgery, despite having another year left to run on his contract at the New Lawn. That’s right, moneybags Forest Green made the player pay for his own rehabilitation. He’d already been asked to leave club accommodation in Stroud where he been lodging and he ended his rehabilitation with Rovers’ academy sports therapist, also training with the youth team. Here’s the kicker: at the time of his injury Racine was the longest-serving player at the New Lawn. Genuinely disgusting behaviour.


  • Danny Hylton, as odious as he is, got one over on Bradley Collins this week, also odious. Collins is the Forest Green keeper who didn’t spit at Sean Raggett earlier in the year. This weekend Hylton took advantage of a Collins howler to seal a Luton win. He said; “The keeper comes out and tries to play and takes massive risks at time. Thankfully after he chopped me once or twice in the first half, I was happy that he had a swing and missed it and I was able to put it in the net. “I just thought I’d keep trying to close him down and make him make a mistake. I didn’t realise he was going to make that big a mistake, it’s nice and an early Christmas present.” What we should be aware of is teams noticing our own penchant for laying long, raking balls back to Josh Vickers, especially on New Years Day.

  • The Mansfield Chad always makes great reading these days, they’re not a happy bunch over there. The weekend’s draw with Yeovil has caused the criticism of Evans to start again, much to my delight. This week a column writer said: “Another thing that comes to my head is what goes on in a manager’s head – a manager who’s won so many promotions with making the right decisions. His decisions for subs, formations, the way they play and players who he brings on to replace is without doubt baffling. Nearly all season I’ve sat there in the stands wondering why he’s brought x of for bringing x on. What was the five at the back against Yeovil for?. Why not try the five at back away from home the week before?. Surely for me if we play five at back at home there’s only a couple of teams we should be doing this against, those being Luton, Coventry and Exeter.” Music to my ears that.


  • It looks as though there are major changes at Cambridge, with a press conference tonight set to discuss the takeover rumours. Paul Barry, former U’s chairman and majority shareholder, it set to take control of the club in January. Earlier this year, he made the club debt free when he converted their loans into shares. He then announced plans earlier this year to pump more money into the club, and now it seems as if he has received the green light from the board. Graham Lewis will speak to the public tonight, he’s a current board member acting as a go-between while the business is concluded.

  • Peterborough chairman Darragh McCanthony, always very candid on Twitter, has revealed that the Imps are one of the sides recently in touch with them about striker Rickey Miller. When asked about him coming to City, Darragh said we were “one of six League Two clubs” who contacted about the wayward striker. It seems Santa Danny has been reading my Christmas list.

and finally

  • Grimsby have had an unwanted record taken off them recently, uniquely an attendance record that has sat for over 70 years. That deficit sat as a record for any top flight season for almost 70 years – that is, until Bournemouth’s promotion to the Premier League in 2015. Grimsby were a top-flight side in 1947/48, the last time they got into the top division. During that season they had an average attendance of 16,301 and ended up finishing bottom. Their attendances were by far the lowest in the First Division, 9,164 below the next team Blackpool, who had an average attendance of 25,195 that season. Ever since then there has never been a gap that size between the worst supported side and the next side up, until now. This season the Cherries have recorded the lowest average attendance, as they have ever since their promotion, although that can be put down to them having the smallest ground in the league. Their average crowd so far in 2017/18 is 10,585, which is 9,551 lower than Burnley’s current average of 20,136.

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  1. The Racine thing is really weird, they cancelled the contract by mutual consent at the start of the season before the first game as I thought he might do a job for a team when fit. Something odd has gone on there as now they kick him out of the accoodation, but making him pay seems very callus. They paid for him last time he has the injury a few seasons back. He still has the team as his Twitter back ground

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