Daily Quiz #162

Our ‘review of the year through the medium of incredibly tough quizzes’ has reached August. We’re dealing with the serious business now, none of this non-league rubbish. Come August we were back where we belong, fresh faced and a little na├»ve at what awaited us.

How much can you remember about that first month back in the big time?

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How are you doing on the yearly reviews? Any good?

If you believe one of the questions is wrong, rather than simply put ‘question six is wrong’ on social media, can you PM me and explain what the issue is? We had an issue with Jack Muldoon’s question yesterday, often it is just the wording. Jack joined us from Rochdale but his last appearances before joining City were for Halifax.

I always aim to fact-check the quiz twice before it goes up but I will always address any issues as soon as they arise. Churching out ten questions a day, seven days a week isn’t easy!