And then there were two….

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Centre halves that is. In a surprise move this afternoon, Rob Dickie has signed for Oxford United on a two and a half-year deal.

I’ll admit, it’s taken me completely by surprise. I’d heard Dickie had an issue with his lack of game time recently, but I assumed Sean Raggett leaving would placate him enough to return here for the rest of the season. Instead, he’s moved up a division to League One with alarming speed. As I understand it, he’s barely been back home two days.

I am disappointed, I’m not going to change my tune and proclaim he wasn’t any good anyway. I’ve spoken to a few people and some were convinced by him, other not so much. I thought he had potential and in truth a move to League One is a decent result for him. I doubt very much he would have been offered such a long deal here, certainly not on his outings this season. He’s played well and shown potential, but I’m not sure he was worth such a long deal.

To be fair, you can’t really blame the lad can you? Oxford are battling for a play-off spot in League One and are much closer to home for him too. It’s a no-brainer, especially with the added security of a long deal. Best of luck to him.

I guess it’s a good thing we don’t have a game this week as we’re back to the bare bones. Much has been made of Michael Bostwick allegedly moving her because he wants to play central midfield, I’m fairly sure that is a fallacy and nothing more. Bostwick is a no-nonsense professional and I can’t see him acting like a prima donna and dictating where he plays.

We also have Callum Howe to return. He’s been impressing at Eastleigh having played 24 games for them this season. He signed off in style on December 30th by grabbing a last-minute equaliser as they drew with Woking in a mid table clash. Eastleigh are currently 18th so Howe has been busy, but he’s certainly done well there. He may well be crucial, especially now Dickie has done a bunk.

Luke’s experienced a renaissance recently, perhaps that is what has prompted Dickie’s move. His return to form and to the match day squad saw the Reading loanee dropped to the bench. At least with Luke you know you’re getting consistency and, after a shaky start, he’s looked every inch the title-winning captain of last season.

Luke Waterfall heads clear. Who will partner him come Notts County a week on Saturday? Who knows?

Thus far, as they say in Forest Green, that’s shallot. Two defenders and Michael Bostwick currently members of our promotion chasing squad. I’d appeal for calm, I’ve already seen rumblings of discontent on social media, although part of me is glad it isn’t Supporters Board working group backlash. I don’t think our manager will let us down, not at all. It isn’t about us, it’s about him and Nicky. They haven’t spent the past decade dragging themselves up through the leagues to naively sit on their hands in January as everyone signs players except us. No, I’m still confident that we’ll bring in a centre half or two.

It is quite amusing, in a dark way, to think that our problem area is now at the back. Although we do need a new striker, the form of our Matt Attack has made it difficult to justify spending upwards of £200k on Ricky Miller when we’re so short in defence.

I’m hearing whispers of a move for Fraser Franks, but then I’ve been hearing those for as long as I can remember. Maybe I just need to sit in a darkened room and ignore the voice in my head incessantly repeating player’s names over and over again.

Anyway, for now keep calm and believe in the Cowley’s magic. After all, when have they ever let us down?


  1. Personally I would like us to bring in Sam Hughes from Leicester.I belive that they are looking to loan him out and getting a player of his quality would be a real statement (like signing Bossy in the summer).I know Danny is well aware of him and it wouldnt surprise me to see him in a lincoln shirt any day now (I wish)

  2. This is disappointing to say the least. At first I thought Dickie was a bit lightweight, but as games went on I thought he was pretty steady. Didn’t see his howler at Wimbledon, but I thought he was unlucky to be dropped.

  3. As much experience they’ve had in the lower leagues I’m not sure the Cowley’s are quite so used to losing so many players, it was only a few years ago they were at Concorde where the demand wasn’t quite so high. Lincoln’s success has attracted so much interest

  4. oh dear can’t help but get a bit concerned, we seem to be leaking players like a sieve
    haven’t heard any thing concrete about anyone coming in. any one out there heard anything other than rumours?

  5. Reckon we’ll sign two, the much talked about and off touted Franks (unused sub on boxing day even after a defender went off injured) and hopefully young Hughes too, exciting times ahead!

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