Manic Monday

Tomorrow promises to be quite a day, one way or another. It’s widely believed there is a big announcement coming in the form of a returning hero, a belief backed up by some social media posts by fans who, in the main, do not post unless they are certain something is happening.

With Tuesday’s date at Rochdale looming ever-closer, some fans have been panicking at the lack of signings. The transfer window opened seven days ago, we’ve brought one in but the multiple departures seem to have caused some concern. Sean Raggett (pictured) is a big loss, but both Dickie and Maguire-Drew had been on the periphery in recent weeks as we enjoyed an upturn in fortunes. Remember, Maguire-Drew has already been replaced with Danny Rowe and Rob Dickie’s involvement was limited so in truth it is the depth we’ve lost, not so much the first team options. Sean Raggett can’t truly be replaced no matter who we sign, he’s a one-off.

For the Rochdale game it wouldn’t be the end of the world to see Michael Bostwick paired with Luke Waterfall at the back, allowing either Elliott or Billy to play alongside Alex in the middle of the park. Despite us fielding weaker sides in the competition up until now, I sense Danny might just want to put a strong side out at Spotland. This is a winnable tie, Rochdale are second from bottom in League One having won just four all season. With that Wembley hoodoo not just reserved for us, but also for the manager, everyone wants to get past Rochdale and as such I think we’ll be rolling out the big guns. Mind you, with a squad of 17 we don’t have a lot of choice!

Rochdale did grab a win in the FA Cup this weekend though, 1-0 at Doncaster. I’m sure they’d rather have league points and I’m also sure they’ll be putting their first teamers on the bench ahead of their match with 16th placed Gillingham on Saturday. I expect their fringe players to get a game and when you consider only six league places separate us and them, the tie is ours for the taking.

Whatever they’re doing though, it is movement at Lincoln City which is the focus of everyone’s attention. Many expect to hear news of a signing tomorrow, if not a couple. After all, Rochdale might not be crucial but Notts County is and when they roll into town we need to be on top form. County are rampant at the moment and our tactic of having Bozzie and Woodyard holding would work well against them as they’ve got real quality behind the front two. However, a lack of movement in the market means Bozzie would have to play centre-half, thus weakening our midfield offering….. unless…..

Well, unless the internet rumours are true because if they are, we’ll have a new central midfield partner for Woodyard even if we don’t bring in a centre half. Perhaps that is Danny’s plan, move Michael Bostwick to the back and employ a new central midfielder who can advance further than our current pairing do. I know there’s lots of chatter about Bostwick only coming here because we’d play him in central midfield, but I don’t believe our manager would be dictated to in that way and I don’t believe he would dictate a team selection that way either. Michael Bostwick is a good honest professional, a no-nonsense man who works tirelessly for the team. I can’t see him throwing his toys out of the pram because he has to play fifteen yards deeper than he currently does.

It does bode well for Luke Waterfall though and I’m delighted for him. Whatever happens, Luke is once again vital to our progress and, after being out for a while earlier in the season, that is a testament to his character. You didn’t hear any complaints from him as he warmed the bench earlier in the campaign, he just got his head down and worked. He’s now back in the heart of our defence and, bar a truly manic Monday, he will be against Rochdale and Notts County.

Whatever happens, make sure you have an electronic device nearby tomorrow because all indications are you’re going to need it.


  1. SUICIDE!!!
    That’s what it is when you let players leave!
    You have to keep them and involve them in club success as the club and the players develop.
    Loans are fine but temporary.
    You have to buy and keep players to move up the leagues which is what the success starved fans of LCFC crave. One season is not a sustained success story!
    Messrs Cowley like ambitious players and that is right and proper, but will the likes of Bostwick, Woodyard etc. be with the Imps next season if promotion is not achieved this time….. I don’t think so.
    So it is totally imperative that the right calibre of players join in this window.
    If this does not happen then I really don’t fancy our chances against Notts County.
    I’ve been an Imps supporter for over 20 years now so it pains me to be saying this but I fear that this month will be critical in the way forward for the club

    • Suicide is a bit extreme. Should we retain players at all costs or let those that are disenfranchised leave? Jordan is not a great loss, Sean was leaving anyway and Dickie, although showing porential, hasn’t been a resounding success, which is why he was benched. Not quite sure I understand the logic.

    • I think Bostwick will be here regardless. He came here because it’s close to his home in Stamford, and at this relatively late stage of his career he won’t be clearing off to the other side of the country if we don’t go up. Don’t forget he turned down Blackburn for us on location grounds.

    • The ups and downs of a football club will never mean the end of the world to me….. just giving an opinion!

  2. Calm down, everyone!

    The Cowleys are learning, they would probably admit they made a mess of their first ever transfer window. They learn from mistakes, their support structure has improved since August, and I’m confident they will do some sensible strengthening in the next 3 weeks, leave the panic buying to the likes of Chesterfield and FGR.

    • For me it’s not about panic buying its about getting the right players in and retaining them.. loan players are ok for the short term but not enough for the long term success of the club. The best sides always have continuity in the ranks….

  3. I know that football is all about differing opinions, but there are a couple of comments here which are truly bizarre.

  4. We have used loans very effectively have we not?
    Whatever we did last year got us 1st place, and got us Anderson & Long signed for this season.

    And in the previous transfer window, ok maybe we wanted a body or 2 more. But what we did not do was panic buy and waste money on players.
    The first time we have a manager that actually did the “We won’t buy anybody unless they are better than what we have” and kept to it.
    It also means we have finds to buy this month without having to offload players brought in the summer. (Ok maybe Palmer, but that is just the 1). JMD costs us just some wages to find out.

    • Fair point but loan needs can be recalled leaving a squad short. This has worked well for City in the short term but I’m not sure that it will work as well in higher divisions which is why I prefer players properly signed to the club…. always that they are the right ones of course

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