Evans, stop talking sh…….

I can’t bring myself to swear in the title, but the footnote to today’s news is the pathetic attempts by Steve Evans to save some face in Lee Frecklington choosing to come to Lincoln.

It’s been an open secret that both ourselves and Mansfield had been in the hunt for Freck. Steve Evans managed him at Rotherham and is an obvious admirer, our interest has been clear too. Mansfield have significantly more financial clout, or rather they’re willing to throw money at a situation wildly rather than plan, build and spend wisely. Both sides were in for Freck, our offer was always going to be based on emotion and potential progression Evans’ offer was always going to be based on stuffing as many notes into a bag as possible and swinging it in an enticing manner in front of Lee’s nose.

It’s widely believed we had the deal all-but tied up last night, then Steve found another bag with more space for pound notes and filled that too. In the press conference it was said Lee slept on it and still wanted to join Lincoln. I imagine the jet-engine sound I heard over Lincoln at 1pm this afternoon was Evans screaming ‘noooooo’ into the phone manically.

Bizarrely he then came out with a delusional version of events in which he had agreed a deal with Rotherham but, after sleeping on it, decided against signing Lee Frecklington. Remember, this is his primary transfer target and he’s claiming he woke up and just thought ‘actually, no’. Pull the other one Evans, it’s got bells on it.

So, what Steve wants the world to believe is that he had agreed a fee with Rotherham (note, no agreement with Freck), he then went to bed (apparently with his chairman), slept on it, then awoke believing it wasn’t right for him. That is what he wants people to believe that he, Steve Evans, pulled the plug on the move. He let Freck move here. Thank you Mr Evans, very good of you sir.

Only a few moments later he contradicts himself somewhat, deviating from his own version of events.

Hang on, so now you’re saying he was a target and you just move on? So, you were happy to waste time and money pursuing a player that you then decided you didn’t want? Stags fans, are you happy having this man in charge of your club? A man who identifies a target, pursues that target then changes his mind at last-minute?

His interview does go a little more in-depth.

“Yesterday, in the space of a 60 second conversation with the chairman at Rotherham, we’d agreed a fee to buy Lee Frecklington and were given permission to speak to Lee’s representatives, which we did,. I went to bed, [as did] the chairman and the chief executive (John and Carolyn Radford) last night feeling satisfied with that process. I woke up this morning and as the time got to nine or ten o’clock, we had a feeling that it (the deal) wasn’t quite right for us. We had a conference call between myself, the chairman and the chief executive and it was my decision to say that I don’t think we should go forward in this process.”

I’m sorry, I’m calling bullshit. That’s simply my opinion on the matter. Lee Frecklington chose to join Lincoln City, it was very clear from his press conference comments he was only ever going to join Lincoln City and whatever absurd amount of money Evans chose to lay on the table, it wasn’t enough.

I’m going to wrap this piece up with a simple question. Wouldn’t people have much more respect for Steve Evans if he was just honest? There is no shame in a former Imp choosing Sincil Bank as his destination out of a love for the game, but why does Evans not have the respect and dignity to just admit it? Why can’t he just say ‘we lost out in the race for Frecklington’ and be magnanimous about it? I’d have more respect for him if he did, instead everything is about him once again. Even I’ve fallen for it, dedicating as many words to this clown as the Ellis and Lee’s press conference.

No more, I’m out.


  1. Just reinforces my opinion of this loathsome individual. Perhaps money doesn’t always talk. I note Lee said he joined us for “footballing” reasons. Says it all, really.

  2. Idiot that has no class and just think you can throw mo ney at things!A real insult of his and everybodies intelligence.He looses interest in his top target after sleeping on an agreed deal! Absolute plonker of the first degree!
    Freck winner on march6th please!

  3. “Steve Evans” and “honest” never belong in the same sentence. Proof of the man that he lacks the dignity to even acknowledge he was second in this two horse race, but has to come up with a cock-and-bull story which he hasn’t even got the intelligence to sustain.

    Welcome home Lee, you’ll find commitment and integrity here.

  4. Steve Evans is like a spoilt child in a toy shop ( or in his case a sweet shop). He sees and wants.
    When things don’t go his way he throws his toys out of his pram.
    Nothing is ever down to him or the club is unlucky enough, to be employing the fat pig at the time.

  5. This offends me as a vegan transgender atheist and German engineer who vapes organic compressed soy breast milk regularly, and a person who does Indian naked cross fit yoga five times a week. I’m both female and male identifying myself as a Rastafarian rock climbing submariner who serves only one master: my beloved Chihuahua which I helped cross the border of Mexico because I hate Donald Trump. I have a passion for the truth and love Evans sincerity in everything that he says and does and if you find that weird, you’re an arrogant, ignorant homophobic sexist. (Tongue in cheek obviously)

  6. His chairman wouldn’t fit in his bed unless it was a super dooper xxxl Queen & king combined stature structure reinforced with 11 matresses

  7. Hopefully Lee will score the winner when we head to Mansfield next March due to our progress in the Checkatrade which Mr Evans thought was a load of wotsits. Presumably he wanted to concentrate on the league – wot a wazzock. Imps 4ever

  8. I think he sat on a Stags antler and it affected his thought process.
    What a thoroughly despicable and loathsome individual he almost makes Mark Cooper look charming and intellectual.
    Thank heaven we have the Cowleys we should live and love every minute while we have them here.

  9. Every where Evans has been, he has always been loaded with cash. Why???? He has gained the odd promotion, but just spends, spends & spends. Would love to know how much he has splashed out in his time as an apparent coach, and what his % of transfer fees, he has stashed in offshore bank accounts. The Radford’s like a long list before them, you’ve been framed.

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