Alex Woodyard bid rejected

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Luton Town’s well-documented £120,000 bid for Alex Woodyard has been rejected this evening by Lincoln City manager Danny Cowley.

Danny has revealed that the bid has been expected for a while now, it finally arrived this afternoon. Someone also alerted Sky Sports who ran the story on their news show. £120k is derisory for a player of Woodyard’s quality, but the interest did make a few fans a little nervous.

However, speaking to Michael Hortin this evening Danny says that the offer has been rejected and he has the backing of the board in doing so. He has no plans to sell Alex, saying “for Alex, myself and Nicky we have a unique relationship and we’ve been together a long time. I don’t think it would feel like one of my teams without him playing in the midfield.”

The bid has been coming, whispers have been heard since before Christmas, but Danny is very definite in his rebuke. Alex Woodyard is going nowhere.

Danny also spoke of still looking to add ‘one or two’ to the group, perhaps one of the first times he’s acknowledged that there may be more than one arrival. Whilst the next few days could be exciting, don’t expect Alex Woodyard to leave.


  1. Alex Woodyard is the future of the football club. Lovely boy and I hope he realises the regard he is held in!?

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