Daily Quiz #173

Let’s try something different, shall we? This quiz was popular towards the end of 2017, so we’ll give it another go.

You’ve got ten minutes to name as many teams that Lincoln played in 2011/12 as you can. That is the first season of our Blue Square Premier hell, in league and cup. There’s 25 sides to guess in all, how many can you get?

I’ve dropped things like ‘City’ and ‘United’ from the names, only one team has an ‘and’ in the middle and if you get it correct, you can just type in the second part of it’s name (if it was Dagenham and Redbridge for instance, typing ‘Redbridge’ would give you the correct answer).

We might be football league now, but we should never forget where we’ve come from. As a bit of help, each team has a little clue by it, either telling you which league they’re in now, or if it was our first ever meeting. I couldn’t be more helpful if I rang you and talked you through the answers, could I?


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