Strikers: There’s still these free agents out there

Despite the transfer window closing shut yesterday, something Danny once said has got me thinking.

He once told the press that recruitment never ends. There are plenty of players currently out of contract and although signing someone permanently didn’t happen, brining someone in on an eighteen week deal wouldn’t be detrimental to the squad’s development overall. Sure, the market is much less saturated and there are only a handful of players who might fit the bill, but it is a possibility. If I know Danny, he’ll be investigating those other options.

There’s Matty Fryatt for instance, the former Forest man who has trained with both Walsall and Rochdale. He was linked with City earlier in the year, perhaps more cheeky rumours than solid fact, but he is still without a club. The issue with a player like Fryatt would be match fitness, he’s fighting back from injury and perhaps wouldn’t get fit until well after he was needed.

If you’re looking for a match fit player then perhaps Barry Corr might fit the bill? He’s been around a bit, Southend and Exeter probably the most notable. Recently he’s been with Cambridge, they offered him a three-week deal non-contract deal in January which he took. Corr left Cambridge at the beginning of the season and has been without a club, but he’s obviously been looking for a route back into the game. He’s a big lad, six foot three, so he’d be more matt Rhead than Matt Green, but he’d be an extra body. Cambridge revealed they’ve offered him a deal until the end of the season, but three other clubs have also expressed an interest. Any striker currently without a team would surely see City as a good place to come, not least because competition is limited!

Another striker who is six foot three is 30-year old Ishmael Miller and he’s another free agent also. He played all of his football in the Championship or higher, bar last season when he had a spell with Bury. He never got going at Gigg Lane though and this season he left the game. Could he be another Cameron Stewart, a player looking to reignite his career lower down the leagues? Miller played top flight football for Manchester City and West Brom, so he clearly has a bit about him.

There’s also Nile Ranger…. actually, scratch that.

There’s also Chris Brown, a striker formerly of Bury who once made a controversial sex tape with Liam Lawrence (I’m led to believe it wasn’t just those two) and was fined for shooting passers by with a paint ball gun. Maybe we should leave him and Nile together. Thar said, he’s played almost all of his football in the Championship and hasn’t shot anyone or made a sex tape (that I’m aware of) in almost 12 years.

Dexter Blackstock still doesn’t have a club either, you’ll remember him from being a key player for Forest scoring 45 goals in eight seasons. Okay, he’s not prolific but he’s also only ever played second tier football or above and could offer some depth to the squad.

There’s also the Italian fella Cassanno, he’s said he’ll play for free if the deal is right. Okay, he’s 35 and based in Italy, but you just never know. It sounds ridiculous, but if you told me twelve months ago we’d have Michael Bostwick and Lee Frecklington in midfield, I’d have told you the same thing. I suppose talking about Cassanno does push the boundaries of plausibility a little bit too much though!

The point I’m making here is that despite the window closing, there are free agents out there who could add value to the squad on short terms deals. Not everyone has to be an investment for the future like Tom Pett, some may have short term impact but without long term implications. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if our manager is still on the phone, trying to ensure all bases are covered for our vital run in.




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