Danny to Barnsley? Come on, have some faith

Danny has been linked with the vacant Barnsley job, causing the usual mutters of worry and angst on social media. He’s denied he’ll leave, more or less, but still the rumours persist.

I’ve written it before, I’ll write it again. They will leave us, but they want to finish the job they’ve started. I think that job probably has undefined parameters, if the offer was right the job might just be done. However, Barnsley is not going to be right, geographically or in terms of the challenge.

It seems ludicrous to say that Danny and Nicky are aiming higher, but they are. Barnsley is not their calling, it is not their destiny. I truly believe they’ll manage at west Ham one day, although it is unlikely they’ll go there from Lincoln. There will be a stepping stone I imagine, somewhere such as Ipswich or Charlton.

Currently though, they have a job here. Sure, they left Braintree after one season but only because the club didn’t match the ambition. At 39 you could argue they have 25 years of club management left in them, why rush up the divisions by making the wrong choice? One move at this stage could ruin a reputation, they’re not going to risk a legacy for six months at a club they can’t begin to bring in their own faces. If they got relegated with Barnsley because of the squad they inherited, would they still have a job in May?

No, Lincoln is their home for now. The sound bites about us being a special club are not just words, they both mean it. They can see a clear pathway here, from national league to League One via Wembley, possibly twice. They’re writing history and as ambitious young managers, what better to have on your CV early than the complete transformation of a club?

They’ve never left a club mid-season and I don’t think they ever will. If we’re going to lose them it will be in June of a season, once they’ve finished a particular story or chapter. This May, if the wrong club comes in, the story they’re writing will be fringe of the Championship. If the offer is right, I’m afraid that it could well be League One status. If it is, if they spend just two seasons with us and achieve what they have, nobody could begrudge them a move higher up.

Sadly these days there is quite often smoke without fire, significant amounts of smoke and not so much as a spark to alight it.

Maybe though, just maybe, the sorry isn’t just League One. Maybe it is Bournemouth style success, maybe they see an ambitious young coach in Eddie Howe and want to replicate that. He left The Cherries for Burnley and it didn’t work out, perhaps there is a lesson there? Two teachers will know about lessons, about making the right choices and about achieving things through hard work and endeavour, not by taking short cuts. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to think they might want to take Lincoln as high as they can without any discussion whatsoever. Maybe these links will keep coming and going, but they will not.

Of course, I get worried whenever my messenger goes off with words such as “what have you heard about the Cowley’s going to Southend?” or “DC and NC speaking to Barnsley tomorrow.” Sadly these days there is quite often smoke without fire, significant amounts of smoke and not so much as a spark to alight it. So what if Barnsley have put Danny top of their list, what does that mean? Before I met my other half I had Kiera Knightly at the top of my ‘future wife’ list, but it didn’t mean she was going to get in her car and head up to Lincoln, did it?

We need to just remain calm when the jobs come available and remember the lyrics to a song we sung last night. Que Sera, Sera, whatever will be, will be. It is right, whatever will be, will be and we won’t be able to change it when it happens, but worrying about it now is crazy. Someone once said to me that worry is the worst thing in the world because you are getting upset at things that might never happen. So the next time a job comes up and some lazy journalist wants to construct a story, don’t rise to the bait. Danny will lead us out at Wembley, that is for sure. Given that he’s offered two-year deals to some really top players, I suspect that indicates his intentions as far as the job in hand goes.

After that? Whatever will be, will be.


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