More Sincil Bank Debate

Guest thoughts from Jon Battersby, so eloquently argued I felt they needed a wider forum.

With increasing incredulity, I’m reading arguments here that we should stay and redevelop Sincil Bank. Can those that want this, please explain the following:

(a) Where would the £5m come from to execute such a plan?

(b) What effect in the short term would a reduced capacity to say 6,500 home fans for two seasons have on our ambitions under the Cowley’s, not to mention the disruption and loss of whatever revenue streams we do have whilst it’s being built?

(c) Where would an extra 4,000 fans park? May I remind people that it’s over 35 years since City had a 14k+ attendance, and the supporter demographic will have changed immeasurably since then; ie, most would come in a car that they didn’t own in 1983. Build a multi-storey on the 3G?

(d) Why are you so attached to a piece of grass? History maybe, but the Sincil Bank I grew up with is all but gone, apart from the playing surface and maybe the view.

(e) Macclesfield Town currently gain more match day revenue other than ticket sales than we do. Fact. Can we allow this to continue, and if so why?

(f) The Cowley’s mentioned Swansea as their model on Thursday night, not Bournemouth, not any of the others. Why? Because it’s the sustainable one, and where were they 14 years ago? Going down 1-0 at SB to a 90th minute OG, that’s where, but who’s laughing now eh? We have the opportunity to do the same without doubt.

(g) Why can’t we, and why shouldn’t we aim high? Do you not look around Lincoln now as a whole, and remember the blinkered, backward City, derelict wastelands and insular people and think, wow, look at it now? A first class University within 25 years, a growing population, and, people from outside actually know where it is!

(h) Are we not looking a gift horse in the mouth? Have you all forgotten that this Club has lurched from one financial crisis to another for pretty much it’s entire history, and has had to be “saved” at least four times in the last 45 years that I’ve been watching. The revenue from football only has clearly never been enough, or am I missing something?

(i) Rotherham United. 2010. Similar size and history to City. A club with no home and in admin twice in three years. 2018? A club up and down between Championship and Div 1, with a ground light years ahead of Sincil Bank and fit for 21st century football. A ground that will be inherited for the kids of today, the long term fans of the future. Are we to deny ours this?

As you can probably tell, the move away from Sincil Bank can’t come quick enough for me, as every game at the moment feels like we are losing revenue. Just one final thought, if you haven’t fallen asleep already. If we do go up this season, then it’s looking like (with what’s coming down from the Championship) that we won’t be able to house the full potential of up to ten clubs away following because of the lack of capacity.

God help us if we ever get to the Championship, because believe me, we have our best opportunity in living memory….. Up the Imps as always 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️


  1. Eloquent and right on the mark, no more need be said.
    No doubt the “remainers” will not wish to be confused by the facts however unpalatable they may seem to them.
    It’s just a pity we’re not moving next season, it will be the making of LCFC. I’ve been attached to Sincil Bank for 70 years but I’ll leave with a sentimental tear and look forward to my children, grand children and just born great grandson watching and enjoying (mostly) their local team.

  2. Again couldn’t agree more Gary. Some of these fans simply don’t have a clue!!
    Like you and a majority, I believe, I will miss the Bank but in the same way that players fall by the wayside with prolonged success so must the current facility. When the new training ground comes into use we will want and need a stadium that matches or exceeds it, not a run down derelict home that it ready for demolition. I look forward to seeing both new developments.

  3. Two greatly blogs. The Sincil Bank I grew up with has long since gone. We have the chance of achieving something we could only have dreamed of 18 months ago. We must grasp the opportunity whilst it’s there.

  4. I think the concerns of the remainers are being dismissed far too easily. The one question that hasn’t been answered is that around ownership of any new ground. I’d be very wary of any model whereby we were merely a tennant and didn’t own the ground and unless Clive finds £20million down the back of his sofa this I fear is the road we will go down. I think if the fears around the ownership model were eased there would be more support. The club must already have an idea of how any ground will be financed so why not tell us?

      • Wasn’t one of the conditions when Sincil Bank was acquired back from Council, that the “ground” has a 99 years condition to remain a sports facility. If so that would greatly reduce its commercial value.

      • A very small part one would imagine. 20% tops maybe and that’s assuming the covenant can be lifted and the land sold for housing. Where does the very large balance come from?

  5. Never fall asleep reading your very appropriate articles Gary. Are you on the board or committee? You know exactly the way forward for L.C.F.C.
    Hope all your views are carried through and with appropriate speed and diligence. Forever onwards and upwards for the Imps.

  6. Excellent couple of pieces. Like Danny evolves the team, striving to improve all the time, so must the club itself. Having moved away from Lincoln, Sincil Bank is my spiritual home, however, the new place will become that, not because of where it is or what it will look like but what it’ll stand for – the home of the club I love

  7. Love the Bank over 50 years of differing memories .
    Time to move as simple as that , more revenue streams to give the club sustainability.
    After all supporters are going to have a major input into what they want from the new venue.
    The sooner the better !

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