SW Quiz #184 – Name all the players in the team photo

Same as yesterday, another chance to look at a classic team photo and name as many players as you can.

I played along and found this one much easier. The only person I didn’t get was the Fitness Instructor…. The year is 2000/01, the football was dire and relegation was haunting us. Can you name the players.

As always, click on the green ‘play’ button and type your answers in the box it reveals. Surnames are acceptable but I make no allowances for bad spelling.


    • One T not two. Second error today. That’s what rushing does for you. I’m on a writing trial for Football League World and pressed hard to get my quiz done!

  1. And the Richard Logan in this picture was not a striker – he was a defender/defensive midfielder. The striker version was black and joined us on loan at the back end of 2005. 23/27 for me. I knew that Henry lad was the kid from West Ham, just couldn’t think of his damn name!

  2. Gary, good idea these team photos however is there any way you can detach the quiz from the comments page as these comments have given away some answers before I start?

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