Steve gets Lincoln-itis

One victory against the Imps and he’s after dining out on it for the rest of his days. Less than a week before we were due to return the favour, Steve Evans has handed in his resignation at Mansfield Town.

Steve’s 1-0 win with Mansfield earlier in the season was his first victory over Lincoln and he’s now quit so he can claim to be the champion without ever having to actually prove it. We shall now face a Mansfield team presided over by someone who uses something other than fear and intimidation no doubt, especially as the ugly sister, Paul Raynor, has followed suit.

The fact is they’ve quit so they can go to Peterborough, that is fairly obvious. It shows a lack of respect to Mansfield fans, a lack of integrity and spits in the face of the backing he’s received as the manager of the Stags. I almost feel sorry for the Radford’s although lets face it, it wasn’t as though they hadn’t been warned.

I’m not going to write loads about it, he’s not our manager and aside from the running feud we have (the one I know about and he doesn’t) there’s no reason for me to comment. Does it make our game a little easier next week? Maybe. They’re still quality players and they’ve still got a promotion to fight for, so don’t expect a group shattered by the departure of their leader. Of course, it makes it a different prospect but not an altogether easier one.

The only thing that galls me is him rising back up the league without really proving himself at Mansfield. He’s won nothing as of February 27th and yet he’s back in League One where he feels he belongs. If he does go to Peterborough, which I’m sure he will, I really hope it works out badly. That isn’t bitterness, it sounds much like it but it isn’t. I feel a bit sorry for Stags fans, but they won’t needmy pity, why would they? They’ve got a great squad of players and now have a real chance of earning promotion to League One.

With the resources available one wonders if Sol Campbell’s name might pop up, swerving the recent links with Grimsby? John Askey might well be in the frame too, so will Uwe Rosler. No, Mansfield will be better off in the long term, it won’t all be falling apart and deep down, part of me respects them a little more now. Not much, but enough to stop me being a little bit sick in my mouth every time I hear them mentioned and that’s a start.


  1. Barry Fry and Steve Evans in the same bed? Really? If we should get promoted what odds do you think I could get of Evans still being manager when we meet.?

  2. History will judge this move for the ugly sisters.
    Posh already 8th in Div 1 can he improve them ???????
    More managers to insult and oh they were McCanns team not mine .
    Remember Mr Evans Posh love Scottish managers but also love to sack them ask McCann and Ferguson twice .

  3. No fan of Evans, but, why is it OK for a football club to sack a manager at the drop of a hat, or at the drop of three points, but when a manager quits for pastures new, it’s shock and horror?

    Funny game, football.

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