SW Quiz #189 – Classic Imps Team

It’s another ‘classic’ mid-nineties side this week, another chance for you to identify some of the less than recognisable Imps from our past.

We’re still in the mid 90s. for many a heyday and a time that lots of new faces found their way to Lincoln City. The Coca Cola cup run certainly helped, as did Gareth Ainsworth’s mazy runs.

How many of the players can you name? There’s some staff on here even I dare not ask you to name, so for now it is just the players, no manager, coaches or other associated hangers-on.

As always, click ‘play’ and type the answers in the white box left behind. Surnames only are accepted but your spelling must be accurate.

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  1. With the recent walks down memory lane to these mid nineties and the promotion squads you’ve done, I think it would be fantastic if you were able to use some of your media ‘contacts’ to do a “Where are they now?” article on those squads. Obviously we all generally know what became of the big names, but what became of the Steve Browns and Colin Alcides? Would be a great read!

    PS I happened to see Bimmo now coaches at a club in Biggleswade!

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