Supporter’s Board Update

I recently attended a meeting that looked to form the new Imps supporter’s board. There’s been chats, different people nominated and the like, which has slowed us from forming. 

The club released a statement announcing the formation of the board, as well as the subsequent minutes from the recent meeting.

As a whole, my involvement so far has been interesting, although this meeting was the first in which it was felt we were ready to form. There will be no huge fanfare or marketing because the board isn’t something intended to be high profile at this stage.

Sadly, due to some pretty unsavoury exchanges, it is felt by some members of the fan base that things haven’t been conducted in the correct way or people have unclear ideas as to what we’re meant to be doing. At this stage it would be remiss of me to say too much as a single entity, I am merely one member of the board and certainly not wanting to be the focus of criticism nor for people to assume I’m speaking on behalf of the others.

I’m really excited to be involved, there is a conduit opened up by which a group of supporters have access to the club and to some of the current plans and issues. Over time, we’ll be consulted on a range of things that ultimately we’ll be putting to the fans I assume, exactly what that will look like in reals terms I’m not sure. We’re planning on chatting to the Football Supporter’s Federation also, to get an idea of how we should progress and what these bodies do at other clubs.

We’re not a secret society or a whole loads of ‘yes’ people sat around a table, nor do we have any intention of self serving. There will be no badges, ties, special hand shakes or perks. Quite simply, we’re a bunch of fans who one way or another have become involved. Whilst some of you might doubt the authenticity of the group, names such as Andrew Helegsen, Jon Battersby, Sam Kendall and Nick Proctor should point to some level of balance and diversity.

Over time, doubtless you’ll hear more and the function of the group will become clear. There’s no hard and fast plan of action, but if things go sour we will be in a position to question the club and vice versa.

In the mean time, please have a look at the minutes and if you have issues raise them through one of us. We don’t represent anyone, Nick isn’t a ‘617’ rep and so on, we’re just a diverse group of fans looking to do something positive. At present we’re not tasked with fund raising ideas, we’re just a group of people sat around a table talking about our football club. Where we go form here, we shall see but please, help keep it as positive as you can.



  1. Many of us “exiles” sometimes have difficluties peculiar to our distances from the club. Would there be the potential for one of the board members to represent the views of the exile? It would be better for one member to become familiar with exile issues and develop expertise in regards to the problems we incur. Fortunately, due to the forward momentum of the club, there are less issues than previously, so the extra responsibilty for the board member should not be too much.

    • Hi Chris. Nobody within the group represents any body or section. We do have an exile amongst our ranks, Nick Proctor is based in Birmingham. If you have issues please do filter those through me though as I feel once the issue is raised, the group as a whole represent all fans.

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