Fan’s Player Scheme: Update

The Fan’s Player Scheme, or FPS, was the brainchild of Imps fans Paul Dawson and Andrew Helgesen. It started as a raffle of sorts, a monthly prize draw with money being donated to the club to put towards the playing budget.

At the time, money was scarce and the Lincoln City Banter page wanted to put something back. Long before the constant references to Sweet Caroline, hooky merchandise and inane questions, the page stood for something important. To a degree, it still does. In amongst all of the drivel, there’s plenty of positivity still in there.

Anyway, this isn’t a banter post, this is a glass-raising rallying cry. I’ve been chatting to Helgy about the FPS recently and when you pay it close attention, the figures are staggering.

In 2015, the FPS raised £18k, which went primarily towards the signing of Callum Howe. In 2016, that figure rose to £34k and contributed towards the arrival of both Nathan Arnold and Sean Raggett. In the 2017 club accounts, it is shown that the FPS had raised £39k.

That is a total of £91,000 over the last three years. I think a round of applause is order, don’t you?

The money no longer just comes from the monthly draw, although that still goes ahead. What started as a humble draw with good intentions has become a beast of a fundraiser, constantly ploughing funds into the club to the benefit of the playing staff and club infrastructure.

The FPS is to thank for the Fan’s training days, where supporters get the opportunity to watch the players train, they get to chat to Danny and often sit in on his video analysis. Usually, the day finishes with attendance at the press conference too, unparalleled access to the players and the club.

The FPS draw, in which you can win tickets, beer, gym membership and replica shirts amongst other things, is still going strong. With around 100 members it hasn’t shown serious growth in terms of numbers since 2012, but it continues to raise money for the club. Just because we got promoted and made the F Cup quarter finals, it doesn’t mean the job is done. The club will always need fundraisers and the FPS goes from strength to strength. If you can’t commit to a season ticket, or you want to contribute in an additional way, why not contact Andrew Helegsen on Facebook, or drop him an email

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  1. Fatastic scheme and long may it continue.

    On the side there seems a latent issue with what Lincoln City Banter group has become which would be interesting to explore one day. Used to be such a good way for getting news.

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