Michael Jolley: Let’s show our class Imps, please.

Tomorrow’s game will be heated, tense and packed with vitriol and hate. It will be the sort of game a football fan lives for, a local derby where the atmosphere is cranked right up and the passion runs high.

Grimsby have a new manager, Michael Jolley was with us for a short while and he was the surprise replacement for Russell Slade a couple of weeks ago. He’s unbeaten as Grimsby manager and one way or another a story is written tomorrow. The new manager picks up his first win, or defeat against City. Even a draw would be a good result for them right now.

I’m aware of Jolley’s past, the incident which has seen him labelled as all sorts on social media recently. I’m not here to argue with anyone, but I sincerely hope that part of his life can be left alone tomorrow.

Danny Cowley conducts himself with class and integrity, I hope as fans we can do the same. The crime for which Jolley was convicted may not look good on his record, but a delve into the facts reveals a very different story. The circumstances of the situation are markedly different from that of a common sex offender and frankly, I feel we shouldn’t be highlighting this unfortunate incident in the young manager’s past. He doesn’t deserve it, he didn’t willingly go out and commit the crime and I feel very strongly that he deserves to be left in peace, certainly over that.

By all means, give him stick for being a Lincoln reject or a Cod, the usual stuff you’d expect to hear. Please, be aware of how we’re perceived as fans and how Danny would want us to act. Do you think our manager, the architect of our complete turnaround, will want to hear the fans of Lincoln City singing unjustified vile abuse at the opposition manager? I’m not sanitising the game here, I’m not a snow flake and I’m not a left-wing liberal either. I just believe we can represent our fans and our team better. We can show more class, infinitely more class, than to sing lewd songs at a man who really doesn’t deserve it.

I know I’ll get stick for this, I understand that, but I feel really strongly about this. Nobody batted an eyelid when Jolley worked for City and nobody should bat an eyelid right now either. We’ve got a lot to be proud of at this club and tomorrow, right before kick off, we’ll have a display that I’m sure will have the football world gushing once again and have the 617 back in the ‘good books’ once again. Please, lets retain that positivity and class and not lower ourselves to singing vicious, hate-filled songs at Michael Jolley about his past. We’re better than that Imps, genuinely.


  1. Totally agree Gary, we showed class at Mansfield and Chesterfield, lets hope we show it again tomorrow.

  2. Well said Gary, totally agree. Mr Jolley has paid his dues for the incident. I wish him all the best in his career for future…. after 5PM on Saturday evening of course.

  3. You won’t be getting any stick from me Gaz. Totally agree with your thoughts here. Let’s rise above the obvious and let our football do the talking. Plenty of banter and hatred even towards the cods but personal vitriol no thanks. I’m pleased someone has brought this up before the game Gaz. Hope people will see sense.

  4. I think you need to tell it to the foul mouths within the so called 617 group Gary.
    I really don’t see how the R.A.F and their legends could possibly want to be associated with some of the potty mouth “singing” from that direction. Good luck with that!!

  5. Absolutely agree with your article Gary. We are Imps and we are better than this. This is a family club and it’s really great to see families enjoying this amazing success. I’ve been following the Imps since 1959 and this is the best period ever. Let’s keep the momentum going and build a club we can all be proud of.

  6. I agree Gary, there’s plenty of banter to be had without resorting to that.
    Trouble is I’m not sure the youth share our views, it seems nothing is off limits when it comes to banter.
    I hope we rise above it & show some class.

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