Imps Fans’ Mental Health Forum

As a staunch advocate of battling mental health problems, I’m delighted to be able to bring you news of a new group being launched at Sincil Bank, looking to help sufferers attend games.

Whilst that might be the remit, the group will be a huge benefit to anyone within the fan base suffering mental health issues and feeling excluded in any way at all. I’ve spoken openly of my own anxiety issues, something that do still dog me to this day. Just this week, at Cowley v Cowley, I had an ‘episode’ you might call it. I’m only a mild sufferer, the bulk of my issues are hopefully behind me, but when my name was read out as setting questions, it returned with vengeance. I’m please the lights were out, because I went red and began to shake at the attention.

Ridiculous? Probably. Not as ridiculous as wishing the round was over in case any of my questions were wrong. I’d checked them, twice, but once they were asked I began to panic. I checked the answers on my phone, shaking at the thought of being shown up on stage. I could feel myself embarrassed as they were read out, feeling as though I was under the microscope. Most of the audience probably forgot in a second I’d set them, but I didn’t. What if I’d made a mistake and Danny Cowley called me out on it? It didn’t happen, but it was a stark reminder that the insecurities which caused me huge problems a year or so ago are never far away.

I can control these things, working from home helps immensely and having a great group of people I know at Lincoln City. For me, the football has always been my escape, it’s been the place where my problems don’t follow. I couldn’t imagine what it might be like if Sincil Bank was a trigger for my anxiety, or indeed for anyone who suffers any form of mental health problem.

That’s why I’m delighted to bring the news of the support group. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend as I have prior commitments, but I’d urge anybody who feels they might benefit from attending to do so. If you need any more information, the poster for the event is below, along with the details of where to be and where to direct enquiries.

This isn’t something I’ve been involved in at all so I’m afraid I can’t answer any question you have directly, but if you want to attend and would like me to find anything out for you, I will strive to do so.

Don’t suffer alone, don’t suffer in silence.


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