Good point, bad point. Good run, bad run.

Having been away for the weekend, I felt I ought to build on yesterday’s match reaction. I’ve tried to take a measured approach to this piece, genuinely looking in from the view of others and considering whether yesterday was a point gained, or two lost. The truth is, nobody knows. Not me, not you and not Mr Keyboard Warrior tapping angrily away calling everyone who argues against him names.

I’ve committed the cardinal sin and looked at social media where, surprise surprise, people have a differing opinion. I’ve no problem with that, but some don’t seem to be able to either accept other think differently, or respect the opposite argument. Shame, some people with good ideas fail to do themselves justice by considering what their opposites think, some use very aggressive language when dismissing others and some, naming no names, shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard as a punishment for crimes against the English language.

I can fully understand the points being made that Morecambe is not a good point, we didn’t create chances and should be beating ‘teams like them’. The problem I have is when those holding those opinions pay absolutely no attention to the fact they beat Exeter last week, or that in the form table over the last four matches, they’re above Mansfield and Luton. I despair for anyone who becomes so blinkered to their own views that they fail to at least recognise those that other people also have. I try, very hard, not to shoot down anyone with a differing opinion to mine. I will also change my opinion if I feel it prudent. That isn’t a sign of weakness, true strength comes from admitting when you are not correct, or when you have been proven wrong.

Speaking of which, here’s the form table over the last six matches.

16 teams in the division have scored fewer goals than us, including Notts County, Exeter, Accrington and Coventry. Only four teams have taken more points from their last six games than we have, with three of those sides above us. That means there is four sides above us who are not performing as well as we are.

Last night I read a couple of posts claiming Danny and Nicky needed to ‘look at themselves’ for trying to force certain players into the first team picture. Someone (and I genuinely forget who, so this isn’t personal), used language along the lines of ‘maybe the messiah should be open to criticism’. Now, I value opinion and I respect people having one, but Danny Cowley has taken us from a nothing National league side to promotion contenders in League Two inside two years. We’ve a cup final coming up, no matter what you think about the competition we had to get through eight games against decent teams to earn that final. I’m utterly gob-smacked that people are filled with such desire to pick holes in what we’re doing. Tell me, those of you who think Freck has disrupted the team, how has he trained recently? What’s is his fitness like? How do Morecambe set up, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 5-2-3? I dare say you can’t tell me the answer to that question, because you’re paid to build computers, fix cars or sell meat, not manage the team. Danny sees these players every single day, he works with them on intimate levels and yet some people think they know better.

Don’t make out like you know better than Danny. You don’t, that isn’t even opinion, that is fact. If you did, Scunthorpe would be coming to you to save their season.

As for whether yesterday was a good point or not, you don’t know and neither do I. I think it was a decent point, not a brilliant one but certainly not a terrible one either. The fact is, until 46 games have been played we won’t know so please, don’t go shooting others down and telling them they’re wrong, you don’t know and neither do I. I know this, if we’re one point outside the play-off race come May, I won’t look at Morecambe and say ‘it was lost right there’, I’ll look at Crewe at home or Colchester away and point to those matches.

Please, express and opinion but for heaven’s sake, don’t make out like you know better than Danny. You don’t, that isn’t even opinion, that is fact. If you did, Scunthorpe would be coming to you to save their season (fifth and they need saving? Jesus).

However, I also concede there’s a counter argument. We’ve lost the same as Wycombe who are in the automatic promotion spots, so maybe it is our inability to convert draws into wins. Again, I’d look to draws against Morecambe at home or maybe Cambridge as games we should be winning. A promotion chasing team looks to win at home, draw away. If you do that you average two points a game and inevitably, you go up. Over two games with Morecambe we have two points, not four. If one of those games is to ‘blame’ (which I don’t believe it is), then surely it is the home match where we had 125 shots on goal (approx.) and scored once.

This is the stage of the season where the teams that have been bad suddenly get that fighting mentality, when the so-called easy games become challenging. Look at County today, hammered 3-1 at Chesterfield yet, just a couple of weeks ago, I read an Imps fan saying we should have won by more there. Look at Mansfailed (deliberate) too, didn’t we win at FGR? The point is anyone can beat anyone in this league, we’ve known that from the off and yet here we are, just over a month or so left and we’re still in the mix.

I had intended to make this a look at our three tactical set ups and analyse the pros and cons of each, but it turns out once again my frail back isn’t going to let me sit here too long. I’m not sure whether it was the gig (although we actually had seats, how Carter USM is that?), the hostel (one pillow, seriously?) or the journey there and back. Whatever it is, I’m in pain and feel maybe I should give the article more thought rather than bashing furiously whilst full of Tramadol and visions of somewhere called Elephant and Castle in my head. Genuinely, I thought Grimsby was bad, at least in Grimsby it is the dogs that leave faeces on the path.

I’ll get the tactics piece done tomorrow. Keep an eye out for the chance to nominate your favourite left back for the Stacey West XI on Twitter later.

Thanks to Graham Burrell for the pictures



  1. Good points we’ll made but let down by Elephant and Castle comments. Lovely part of London. I lived there for 10 years and easy to get to Fisher Athletic when we played them so won’t hear anything against it.

  2. It does have a wonderful pie and mash shop not far away just off the Walworth Road and the ‘lovely’ shopiing centre is going to go at some point in the future.

    Totally agree Gary with what you say about yesterday. You only have to look at goals conceded for Morecambe over the whole season to see what a tough team they are to play.

    • We said the shopping centre would go. To be fair there is quite a mix of old and new there, but just 200m down New Kent Road isn’t great.

  3. some good points, thought the team when they got the third at chesterfield put the shutters up as though they did not want to score or give one away. the E&C shopping centre closes at 530/6pm these days, early for london. there are very few easy games in L2, anyone can beat any one else, apart from Grimsby at the moment. some very hard games to come, need to get behind the team as much as possible.

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