Stacey West XI – Centre Back Nominations Open

The Stacey West XI is coming along nicely, we now have our keeper and the two full backs.

There’s a split of eras too, with Alan Marriott, Neal Eardley and Phil Neale covering a wide range of years. With the centre back vote, that looks likely to increase further.

The reserve side, just so you know, is David Felgate, Mark Bailey and Paul Mayo.

Without wanting to jump ahead of anyone, I’d expect this to be a hotly-contested vote with several players right up there amongst the favourites. One would imagine, given how popular Phil Neale was, that time will not keep Trevor Peake out of the contenders, nor his partner Steve Thompson. Time will of course favour Sean Raggett, but those dew-eyed thirty-somethings a will recall Paul Morgan with incredibly fondness.

What then of Tony James or Trevor Matthewson? We’ve got six candidates there before we’ve even cast a thought back to the 1976 team.

Whatever the outcome of the voting, this will cause much debate so please, keep it clean and friendly.

I’ll take nominations through the Twitter link below, our the Facebook post. We missed out too many key left backs, I don’t want that to happen again.

Once the voting commences you’ll have TWO votes, on for each centre back.

Thanks to Graham Burrell for the featured image


  1. If you have Sam Ellis, you must also have Terry Cooper – they were a double-act. Completely agree with Trevor Peake and Steve Thompson – another great pair of centre-halves

  2. Absolutely has to be Tony Emery. Best centre half outside Div 1. And in an era when teams attacked home and away. It’s an interesting concept modern centre backs will not have experienced ie 3/4 attackers left up front all the time. Mind centre halves didn’t go up for corners!

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