Wembley Build Up: One Jack Notty

I amongst all of the celebration, the excitement and the drama, we must make sure we make time for young Jack Notty this weekend.

You’ll doubtless have already heard his name, maybe even seen the articles last week about singing “There’s on one Jack Notty” as he leads the team out at Wembley. Well, consider this the mobile phone reminder, the memory jogger that ensures you don’t let it slip from your mind.

Here’s a message from the Band of Builders, a group of men who dedicate their time to making the lives of suffering people better. Remember, not all heroes wear capes.

Our founder Addam Smith, has arranged with Checkatrade for young Jack Nottingham to walk the ball out onto the turf at Wembley. Jack is 16 and sadly has incurable cancer. We want to make the day as special as possible for him. We’ve already secured hotel accommodation in the team hotel the night before the game (paid for by LCFC) and also various VIP treats including getting suited by Gear Menswear.

An idea was born this evening to create a song/chant for the whole stadium to sing when Jack walks out onto the pitch (both sets of fans).

Jack goes by the name of ‘Jack Notty’ as a nickname so what we want EVERYONE to sing is…

‘There’s only one Jack Notty…

There’s only one Jack Notty….

Walking along, singing a song, walking in a Wembley wonderland..’

Make sure, when the teams come out and we finally see our beloved red and white on the Wembley turf, you spare your voice for this remarkably brave young man.

If you want to know more about the Band of Builders, click here for a great video explaining all about them.



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